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Supermax Tm-1
Peter Coulter
"I ordered 5 of these and all 5 were defective. Every one of them lost air when going around a corner and the tire went immediately flat. One of the tires went flat and caused &7,600 damage to my car."
Advanta Er-700
Rigo Vázquez
"Bought these tires expecting other brand (Federal tires) but after trying them I got no regrets. Tires feel great, no noise at all and they handle the road like if they were married to it. Would recommend to anyone."
Winda Wa80+
"So far so good,hey,they are near half the price of a desert dueller,you get what you pay for. as far as light to medium off roading I find them acceptable,no problems there,on wet roads ...i drive a 92 lifted 4runner,its no rocketship,again no problems,they havnt scared me yet. dry highway...they steer well,holds the road,it goes where i point it,not particularly noisy for an all terrain tyre.I havnt had to do an emergency stop yet so cant comment on wet or dry stopping power. and I havnt done enough 4wd ing to comment on sidewall durability either. All in..."
Firestone Fs561
"this is regarding a 16 ply 11r22.5 truck tire,firestone fs 561 steer tire. at 40k miles noticed uneven wear/checking on the 2nd rib in from outside of tire.Keep in mind my trucks have been aligned and checked for worn parts and new at 45k miles plus,tire is worn heavily on both 2nd grooves.notified the tire dealer and he had already had several sets doing the same first firestone replied that they knew there was a problem with all the that there has been numerous complaints,there tune has changed,and they know nothing of this issue.funny how that"
Big O Big Foot A/t
"Had (the best) 8-ply for off-road with 50 psi, those caused death-wobble (or death-rattle) of front-end, very severe, needed solution, these tires cured that problem. These look good too, wider than 245 obviously, more beefy, 1/2 more clearance plus very nice look. Just drove 500 miles about 50 miles off road, and then in sever monsoon rain, absolutely no issues, smooth ride, much quieter too, no problems taking bumps properly that used to cause that death-rattle (which is like hitting severe washboard and getting into a harmonic, was nasty, these tires fixed that). Hihgly receommend for the Trailhawk. Had..."

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