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Eldorado Trail Guide All-terrain
"I only picked these up because I found them on WALMART website with a price error of $26.45 ea (USD) but I couldn't be more please and satisfied."
Goodyear Assurance Comfortred Touring
"They have 43,000 miles & should get 65-70,000 miles(more?). Initially, I was very pleased with smoothness, traction, cornering & handling in all weather conditions, altho they were only fairly quiet. At their present wear, they still give good handling, tho wet road effects aren't as sure as when new. Noise has also increased. Been happy with the Goodyears, altho they cost $650, even after a $140 rebate (received quickly). The cost of new tires is the main reason I buy used tires now, with good results. "
Americus Classic 787
"I bought these used, mounted on alloy wheels. They are made in communist china(always small letters), which I forgot to check. Expected them to be poor....but they work well on the rear of the car, which is nicely balanced. They drive straight, & brake & corner well, despite having an aspect ratio of 70(tall). They are smooth & quiet. My car with different tires has always been a pleasure, & such continues with the 787's. Maybe they are wearing quicker than I want, but not as bad as some new tires I've had. I'm trying to find something wrong with..."
Bfgoodrich Premier Touring
"Bought as used tire, but the Premier Touring had never been mounted & was stored well. It is the smallest rear mounted tire I have on the car. However, the car is nicely balanced, while steering straight with no weaving & while braking & cornering. It performs on a par with my bigger tires & is smooth & quiet. During winter with snow tires on the front, the car, with the smaller Premier, drives straight, corners & brakes OK on both ice & snow. I'm happy with my decision to mix tires sizes & the Premier is the lead..."
Advanta Svt-01
"Very good handling on wet weather roads and on dry pavement, and a very low noise Tire Although I have not had a chance to use it much on snow I guess I'll have to wait on that"