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Michelin LTX Winter
"I switched from Blizzak to Michelin LTX Winter and I am very satisfied. I like LTX tires more as they are more stable on snowy roads, as well as wet. I feel more comfortable and safe. A little noise, but the comfort and safeness counts more. I can highly recommend them. "
Pirelli Pzero
"I have bought my car with Pzero tires and thought that I have made a great deal, but unfortunately there were no tread left after 19000miles. Disappointed on wet roads, but on dry ones they handle okay. "
Bridgestone Dueler H/l Alenza
" When you like your car than you don’t save on good and nice looking tires. What can I say is that these Bridgestone tires are excellent and while I drive I feel safe and comfy. I can highly recommend, be it either new or slightly used tires, you won’t fail. Or, at least I hope so. "
Michelin Defender T & H
"was a Michelin tires fan, but got a bit disappointed with the Defender T & H tires. I felt unsafe on roads as it handles not so easy and hydroplaned when it the road was really wet. My Corolla felt better with my old Yokohamas. Could not recommend. "
Winda Wa80+
Peter Price
"Starts to hum a bit after 55km hour. Good value for the price. No snowflake rating on it."

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