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Wild Country Trail 4sx
"After checking out the info on Les Schwab tires online I was concerned about a tire handling snow and ice condition which is present for 6-7 months a year. I have driven approximately 100 miles on them and was very pleased with the way they handled the winter roads. I was surprised to say the least, not to mention they look aggressive and the white letter look awesome."
Aplus A502
"pretty round, A+ i guess."
Presa Ps01
"These tires are on a rental Hyundai Elantra. Car is slippery in the wet, all over the road in the dry. Avoid these tires at all costs."
Michelin Alpin 5
"if you go with Michelin, you get always quality."
Michelin Pilot Alpin Pa4
"This tire is great for lovers of fast driving even in the rain. It turns out to be very noisy and even uncomfortable for the first 5000 km. It has excellent grip on braking and starting on wet roads, enough to smoke all the world ... For drivers looking for comfort and safety there is the Pilot3, this one is intended for the type of the piloting mode and the mountaineers."
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