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Welcome to Tire Reviews

We all know that the tires of a car are extremely important – after all, they are the only connection between your car and ground. They are playing an extremely important role in how fast your car can accelerate, how fast your car stops, its maneuverability and overall control over the vehicle.

That’s why getting yourself a proper set of tires is so important. If you’re driving a great car but it is equipped with low quality tires – you’ll never be able to unleash its full potential.

Except for the fact that if you try saving on good quality tires, your car won’t be able to display maximum performance, worn out tires are actually dangerous – approximately 26.2% of auto crashes were involved with vehicles with bad tires conditions (according to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration – NHTSA).

The Right Tire Is Important!

As much as you can understand, the right tire for your vehicle of a good quality is crucial and that’s because it would determine how your car is going to perform, the level of control over your vehicle and most importantly – the level of safety on the road.

Nonetheless, what exactly is a “right” tire? Of course, we’re talking about the good quality tire as well as the tire that fits for your vehicle, but there’s many more you should choose from. Checking throughout all the tire models and makes that exist for every car is near to impossible – simply because there’s way too much of them.

Generally, a good and “right” tire is the one that fits with the vehicle you drive, with the weather that you’re planning to drive through, the roads you’re often driving and even your driving habits! The perfect tire should fit with all of it. But is quite obvious that either due to lack of knowledge, lack of time or whatever other reasons – finding the right set of tires is a hard task.

Luckily, you’re now reading this at Tire Reviews – the perfect source that can help you with your tire needs. We’re trying our best in order to help you find out the perfect tires for your car and your needs.

How to Choose a Tire?

As mentioned – choosing the right tire can be problematic. Therefore, you either spend hours or even days going around town at different tire shops trying to find the perfect tires for your car and your needs (and trying to believe what the consultants are trying to sell you), or you could choose a tire yourself, simply by getting answers to your questions from experts.

There might be many other tire reviews sources and sites, but we’re unique in this business by offering customers honest responses, with honest advices, not for the worth of profit as many other sources do, but trying to solve the customers’ issues. We’re having experience in answering many types of tire related questions through the years and it helps us pick the right answer for your specific question.

Researching about tires is extremely important – that’s knowledge and experience that you gain allowing you to rely on your own knowledge, not on someone else’s advices. Here you’re going to get all your questions answered: from winter tires, to materials used in manufacturing a tire – you’re going to get all the help!

At Tire Reviews, we make sure that you would find all the answers and you would find the perfect tire!


Why Choosing Tire Reviews?

There are multiple reasons why you would find Tire Reviews your perfect source of learning about tires, except for the real customer reviews about tires that you can find here.


Honest Reviews

We all know that nowadays, you never know who pays for what. A lot of sources are writing reviews at demand for the profit. Nonetheless, Tire Reviews is here for you to have honest reviews. We would rather share an ugly truth, than try to give you a sweet lie. We are not affiliates with any tire companies and if a customer considers a tire is not worth it – then we’ll let you know about that. We write reviews at demand – at your demand, customer searching for honest tire reviews.

Tire Reviews is a source full of tire reviews that was made from the very beginning to offer fact-based information only, as well as honest tire reviews only!

We’re remaining maximum neutral to any companies, the only thing that we can’t be neutral with is your loyalty, which we pay with our honesty.


Your Tires – You Decide

We are not trying to force you into what to choose, instead we allow you to decide what you need. That’s what is Tire Reviews all about – everything here is for the driver and your needs.

We have reviews that are meant to help you – the driver, to find the answers you may need. We have a lot of information that is easy to understand. There’s no need for you to be a mechanical expert to understand the reviews you can find here.

The tire reviews you can find on our site are the perfect information in terms of allowing you to easy understand and allowing you to decide whether the tire is good enough for your vehicle, or you should check for other models or makes.


What Are Reviews Made Of?

Tires are containing much more than just rubber – pretty much same can be said by the reviews you can find at Tire Reviews, as they are made much more than just plain words. We’re a team of tire experts that love what we do, and when something is done with passion and full honesty – a customer is ensured to be happy by using our source.

We are trying to pay attention to absolutely every single tiny detail when reviewing a tire. The reviews are containing the pros and cons categories allowing you to save time when checking for a specific tire and you can be sure that every word written in a review – is there based on facts!

In order for you to have a better idea, check some examples of questions that we strive to answer through a tire review:

  • How well this tire handles high speeds?
  • How fast this tire is at braking?
  • The performance of the tire on different surfaces.
  • Is there anything making this tire special?
  • What is the noise level of this tire?
  • What is the minimum tread life warranty of manufacturer (if it has one)?
  • The available sizes for that specific tire.
  • Would this tire allow seamless steering?
  • Comparison between this tire and other tires in same category.
  • Where you can buy the tire at the lowest price?

When it comes to tire reviews, we can ensure that Tire Reviews is everything you need. When talking about tires – you got you all covered!


Process of Tire Review

Taken in consideration we’re here to offer tire reviews, we’re going to try you to find the perfect tire for your perfect needs.

It would be amazing if there would be a single tire that would be the best for all cars and everyone needs, but since that impossible (at least, for the moment) we’re going to help you find the perfect winter tires for your needs, or the best summer tires for the best performance.

So well, there are a lot of things you should take into consideration before deciding whether a tire is good for you or not. However, other than that, Tire Reviews would greatly help you in determining what the best tire for the value is. Unfortunately, there were tire examples proven not to be worth its price.


Physical Factors

Is easy to see that the world we’re living in keeps on modernizing day by day, especially in the late years, so you can be sure that tire industry is keeps on modernizing as well, allowing for huge differences in how tires are manufactured.

As mentioned, tires are way more than just rubber. For example, the manufacturing process of modern day tires is using some compounds that weren’t even discovered when first tires were manufactured. With this being said, is quite obvious that tires are very different from what they used to be even 10 years ago. Tire manufacturers are continuously learning and expanding the knowledge of tire manufacturing process, materials used, technologies etc. all of which greatly helps modern day tires reacting much better in different conditions.

Needless to mention that in the late years, there are significant changes made to tires – many of those changes can be easily noticeable with naked eye, but trust us, there’s much more than the eye can see when talking about a tire!


Tests On Different Surfaces

Obviously, when you’re spending your hard earned money on a tire – you expect it to be worth the money, so nothing is more important than the performance of a tire on the road. In order to test the tire, we’re reviewing it based on how it performs on various surfaces and with different driving styles.

Be sure that reviews at Tire Reviews are based on the tests made on tires and as long as a high performance tire is claimed to offer maximum acceleration, fastest stops and smooth control over your performance car – that’s proven through meticulous tests.

Regardless if we’re talking about performance on wet, snowy or dry roads – the reviews are based on real facts with real experiences and honest thoughts about them.


About Us

We’re having a vast experience for tires and strong love for them because we’ve been in the business for a lot of years. It all started with a local tire dealership, but when we realized that there are so many people who need to be helped as they are having so many struggles with tires – we decided that Tire Reviews can be the perfect place for everyone with everything tire related.

Nowadays, the business has expanded and our community continues to grow thanks to you, our customer, which find earlier mentioned factors helpful – honest reviews that are based on facts about tires. This website is intended to help millions of people all around the world and due to honesty, work and passion – we’re gaining more and more customers allowing us to keep on working further trying to help more and more people in need.

We’ve started with love for tires and this loves drives us day by day, both literally and figuratively. But in the end, we’ve realized that there’s more than tires – our customers. We started this business thinking that tires are our most valuable blessing but nowadays we actually realize that our blessing is you, our loyal customer!


Save Money Through Discounts!

We understand importance of saving money and except for helping you to find the best tires for your needs and for the value – we also try to help customers to find the best websites where they can buy tires for sale. We are here to help you finding the perfect source of tires as well, sources offering discounts allowing you to save money on a new set of tires.

You would save a lot of time to find the perfect source offering the right tires for sale for you, which would later help you save as much money as is possible. We would try to offer you the best tire stores, both online and offline, based on your own needs, as we do realize that every person is unique with unique needs. But in the end, everyone wishes to find the cheapest placed to shop for tires.

In the end, regardless if you want your tires being shipped or you would rather pick them up yourself – Tire Reviews helps you out with everything you need. When it comes to tires – is our duty to help you out with everything we possibly can! From saving money, to finding the perfect tire for the money.


In Conclusion

There’s nothing more important than true factual experiences shared through a honest review. The information you can find here at Tire Reviews is the verdict based on how a tire proven itself while performing to its limits.

From what’s found inside the tire all the way up to how the tire is going to performance during emergency braking – you would be able to find only true and honest information based on facts!

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