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Vitour Formula Z
"I still need to test the milage but for half the price as the normal tires that the car was fitted with, is a bargain- very quiet on the road that was a worry for me before I purchased it, but no problem at all"
Runway Enduro 726
"These tires have been on our van for a LOOOONG time. Tread wear is fantastic and even. Now tread is thin and tires need replaced, but they have been dependable and trouble free."
Advanta Hpz-01
"This tire is the worst tire I've ever had in the snow and wet. Zero confidence. The tire will break away at 5mph speeds. Not the tire I wished to have had, but they were new on the vehicle when I purchased. Now there is less than 14k miles and they are balding. Not a loud tire but they did hum and reverberate quite a bit at randomly different speeds. Kind of grippy in the summer but just abysmal when wet weather arrives. I have left feedback maybe 5 times in my life... this was necessary to warn others. DO..."
Leao Lion Sport Hp
A Frederick
"Lion sport A/T tires are very affordable but don’t be fooled… remember you get what you pay for! I was told I would get 40,000 miles out of these tires and they only lasted me 18,714 miles before the tread wear bar appeared. If I breakdown the cost I paid for these tires, they technically cost me $39 per month."
Centara Terrena M/t
William Thompson
"They're what I thought they'd be. I bought them for the look. Very happy. Balanced out well. Smooth ride if the road is good."

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