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Advanta Hpz-01
"Shame on me for doubting China could make a nice tire. Very impressed and happy with the purchase "
Toyo Proxes 4 Plus
"Great for a performance car. This tire sticks to the road like glue and is everything you want in a ultra high performance tire. That being said, it is not ideal for snow but will hold its own. They tend to give a bit of a harsh ride. Overall they are amazing for what they are designed to do."
Advanta Svt-01
Advanta Trg-750
"I am a female who became single 3 years ago, I have never bought tires for myself, my ex husband took care of all the mechanical things when it came to my vehicle. I bought 2 tires on May 7,2020, the auto shop I have worked with on a regular basis installed the tires May 11,2020. By May 22,2020 one tire was extremely low already. I am an Essential Healthcare Employee, so I had to be able to get to work, so I drove on the low tire to a gas station to put air in the tire, the tire..."
Rydanz Rammer R08

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