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Cooper Roadmaster Rm254
"These Cooper roadmaster rm254 are really good for my truck I've been driving 200.000km on them and they still show 85% tread on them! The price is less then Hankooks buh the tires are just as good. "
Michelin Ltx M/s2
"I feel these tires just different then other Michelin, but honestly others wasn't for SUV so that could be the reason they feels more wired. Dry grip and wet is good, snow is poor, buy u can tell that by the tread is very light. Depends for witch weather conditions u need em, if is for some light snow is not bad especially like I am AWD car."
Dunlop Sp Sport 01
"Can't say the ride with these tires is comfortable and smooth, once I broke an tire on the bad road I hadn't expect this hoped they would be more resistant. "
Semperit Speed-life
"Live in Great Britain, store near me recommend me these Semperit and I bought them. Have 5 k miles now, very happy for my choice. Very good performance."
General Grabber At2
Dave Marciano
"Awesome grip, any style of drive is very confident, as well very comfortable bride gives these. High quality tires. "

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