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Maxxis Ceros
Kevin Florence
"All 4 tires look new as far as the tread but 1 rear tire keeps breaking on the inside just behind the outside grip for no reason. It actually looks like something wrong with the rubber. The slits are the same length as the lug."
Grenlander Colo H01
"Every idiot can noticed that above reviews are fake, made by the seller or dealer. "
Speedways Sw-333
Peter Ross Smith
"Bought Speedways SWT 333 Pattern. Had doubts on quality for the price of tire. Pathetic tire with fast wear"
Ardent Sport Rx6
Daryl Delorme
"These tires lasted me exactly 4 months, they’re down to the wires now, complete waste of money. Do not purchase these, spend the extra mo eh and get something decent"
Advanta Atx-750
Dan Wesson
"Excellent all around tire with great performance when you need it. More quiet on the highway than others I have purchased"

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