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Wild Country Trail 4sx
"I bought these tires for my old pickup after I decided not to go cheap. These tires were literally $3 more each than the Linglong Crosswinds I almost got stuck with. I'm glad I upgraded. So far I am very impressed with the ride comfort, low noise level and fine traction in on-road driving, wet or dry. I can't yet comment on off-road, but I would note that if you're going to be frequently (or infrequently) in mud, buy a different tire. These aren't gonna get you very far, but they're ***NOT*** mud tires. What they are, however,..."
Wild Country Trail 4sx
Patrick Miller
"I went to tire shop hoping to get another set of the Radial XTX tires, but they stopped carrying that tire, so I settled for the Trail 4SX. Great in snow, they do well in rain, they handle nicely in dry conditions and aren’t too noisey. But the tirewear, come on! I have about 11,000 miles on these tires and they’re down to about 50%, which is the first set of wear bats. I might make it until summer before it’s time for replacements."
Haida Hd878 R/t
Zach Herron
"Amazing grip in snow 3+ feet deep. Handles as most aggressive tires would on ice, some slipping but nothing excessive. Lots of off road driving so far and these have impressed me much more then any of the domestic tires. My last set were Toyo MTs in the same size and these Haida Rugged Terrain's by far out perform in off road conditions and very deep snow. There is a bit of road noise on the highway, but less then Toyo, BFG and Mickey Thompson. And a small amount of vibration at speeds over..."
Bfgoodrich St230
"Spent a lot of time trying to find the right ride tire to replace my Michelin RV 19.5 tires. Michelin discontinued 19.5. I worried that this "truck/Bus" tire may ride terrible. Drove the summer and then a snow bird trip to Texas, 3,800 miles. I love these tires, ride better, smooth, lower noise, better handling. Excellent"
Goodyear Wrangler Trailmark
Gary Gentry
"They have a bounce that is impossible to get out. I have been to 5 tire shops and nothing helps. I just learned that they all have the same issue. Should have a disclaimer with this info. I am sending my disclaimer to everyone I make contact with. "

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