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Sumitomo Tour Plus Ls
"Tire is garbage. Constant balance problems and two tread separations in four years since new. They do not grip well in turns during wet conditions"
Mazzini Eco607
"Its a worst tires I used for my life! Car acting like a boat! Tyres are so soft you can feel car doing what it wants, grip is very poor, on roundabout its just sliding if you not driving super slow! When I heavy brake car just "dancing" on entire road, difficult to control. If you are not a driver who driving 35mp/h on 40 avoid for all cost!!!!"
Vercelli Strada Ii
"Just left the tire shop and was blown away by how loud the road roar of these terrible new tires. Baught a new 4 tire set, total waste of money. And Ofcourse the tires shop owner won't back them. Ripoff ! Never choose this tire. Vercelli Stada 2 "
Constancy Ly566
"Initially pleased with these tyres, £40 each fitted from Halfords. A little more road noise than the Nexen tyres they replaced but grip was about the same ie good in wet and dry. However, after 5000 miles wear seems excessive at 2mm. As they started new with only 7mm, I predict only 15,000 miles from the front pair. About half as much as the Nexen's. For this reason they were a bad buy. "
Bridgestone R238
Josh houck
"Probably the smoothest quietest tire I have ever run. Does great in heavy rain. I like in Oklahoma so I will likely not encounter snow. This is a true truck tire. "

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