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Triangle Th201
"Early days yet, but I have just fitted 4 of these tyres, despite my reservations about unbranded 'budget' tyres I went with these after a recommendation from a trusted fleet manager when I was complaining to him about the cost of my usual Dunlop Sports-Maxx tyres, he said he fits these to a lot of fleet vehicles and has had no issues. So far I have only used them around town for around 100 miles, but they feel great, I have deliberately tried to provoke under-steer on cold, wet roundabouts, and over-steer on exits, the usual acid test for..."
Michelin Pilot Alpin Pa5
"the best winter tires"
Ecovision Vi-786 Hp
Vee Rubber Vitron
"Worst tires I ever purchased. Ok for city drive but other than that, noisy, vibration, questionable handling on highway. "
Evergreen Ev516 Dynamaster
"This is the ultimate heavy duty tyre, i use it on my trailer, they track well in all conditions, no sway in ice or emergency conditions, perfect for all nz conditions, a lot of courier drivers use these over here on their vans and utes, this tyre is worth considering if you operate in extreme conditions. "