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Bct Winmax
"Good tires "
Advanta Hpz-01
Sean Morgan
"WORST. TIRES. EVER. Unsafe on anything other than warm bone dry roads. I got stuck in 1" of snow in a flat level parking spot. Braking is dangerous on any amount of snow or ice. Noisy, growly above 25mph. Stiff, you will feel every crack, nickel, dime, and bump on road. Unfortunately they came with the car and am going to dump them as soon as I can. To call these "All Season" tires borders on lying"
Supermax Tm-1
Josh efron
Roadcruza Ra2000 H/t
Cameron Cormier
"The price of these tires had me very skeptical, but I was hurting for money and wanted new rubbers. 65k KM later they still have some life left. Best value tire i've had yet."
Grenlander Enri U08
"staggered set 225/40/18 front 255/35/18 rear. brought these tyres just before xmas last year 12 months later there done! honestly the worst tyre i have ever owned for wet driving noise and comfort, dry grip is not that bad but would never buy again"