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Powertrac Power Lander A/T
Greg Byrne
"I like the white writing on tyre sidewalls, and they ride quiet. maybe rides softer than other tyres, but maybe that's just because they are new. Seems to brake ok in the dry, but haven't done heavy braking yet. I don't like the lack of shoulders on tyres as don't flick out the mud much. Was driving to work last week and the road went up a hill with an "S" bend at 100 klms an hour with road only just damp, rear end started to fish tail. Other tyres I've had didn't do that, so I really don't trust..."
Amp Terrain Gripper A/t G
"I have driven these tires for an entire year in Ontario, Canada. They have handled dry roads, wet roads, mud, snow, ice, and everything in between without issue. 25,000km and they still look new. Do a chalk test for best pressure for tire wear and adjust accordingly for fuel economy or terrain. I absolutely love that they perform excellent in the winter and that I don't have to buy a seperate set of snows."
Bridgestone R283a Ecopia
"Disappointed, tires are horrible when it comes to curbs, just touching a curb resulted in a chunk of tread missing, then the tire starts showing cracks which could result in a blowout. Complete waste of money replacing a tire with 17/32 of tread left, get it together Bridgestone "
Interco Super Swamper Tsl Sxii
"i do as much off roading as on, 37x12R17s on beadlock wheels, great tread depth and softcompound."
Sailun Atrezzo R01
Trav Dowel
"Highly recommend for anybody that drives their car hard into corners as the tyre grips excellently. I even drove on it flat and the reinforced sidewall saved the tyre from being destroyed. 10/10"

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