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Riken Raptor Zr
Americus Sport Hp
Mr. P
"Bear in mind this review is only after 500 miles. Bottom line is I'm so far very happy especially for $340 USD out the door. First impressions were positive as the first day was spent in light to heavy rain on a curvy mountain highway. The Americus HP's stuck well and did not hydroplane...I did challenge them. Even from a right turn out of a parking lot at about 3/4 throttle with the turbo working and TRACS off they didn't spin. Dry performance is fine too. I might wish for a tiny bit stiffer sidewall, but it doesn't..."
Arroyo Ultra Sport A/s
" comfort and noise tire ware all are excellent....."
Comforser Cf500
Thomas Finnigan
"These were sold as a mid range tyre. I thought 17000 miles in 22 months on two front Michelin Primacy3 was very poor but these tyres require replaced after 8500 miles in 10 months."
Michelin X-Tour A/S T+H
"Tires rude very nicely, however I’ve lost over 10% on my mpg (50 to 44) and they whine a bit at higher speeds. "

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