Bridgestone Dueler A/t Revo Uni-t

Bridgestone Dueler A/t Revo Uni-t

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All Season Passenger Light Truck/SUV tire Providing Powerful Grip and a Smooth Ride.


* CO-CS (Computer Optimized Component System)
* Super EPC
* Dual Layer Tread
* HES (Hydro Evacuation Surface)
* CSC (Consistent Surface Contact)
* Super EPO
* Spiral Wrap
* Warranty Summary: Platinum Pact Limited Warranty, Buy & Try 30 Day Guarantee, Standard Limited Warranty


* Maximizes tire performance by optimizing the appropriate combination of tread design, casing shape, materials, and construction
* Improves uniformity and ride comfort through use of a single continuous strand of cable in the bead construction
* Helps improve tread wear and resist cracking, chipping and tearing through the use of a special long length carbon structure
* To help counteract the effects of heat so tires have the flexibility needed for wet performance as they wear
* Minimizes the effect of wear on wet tire performance by exposing high grip rubber as the tire wears
* Improves wet traction by reducing flow resistance of water along groove walls
* Improves dry and wet handling, reduces irregular wear, resulting in better ride comfort through tread block design
* Super EPO goes beyond EPO in providing wet handling as the tire wears
* Provides a higher level of uniformity and high speed capability through use of a continuous nylon wrap

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