Maxxis AT-811 Razr AT

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Description Maxxis AT-811 Razr AT

The Maxxis AT-811 Razr AT summer tire is designed for SUVs and pickups. It is an All-Terrain tire suitable for use on any road surface, including dirt.

The new Maxxis All-Terrain model was developed jointly by the company's technology sites in Taiwan and the United States. Its appearance is associated with new market demands identified by the specialists of the Maxxis Tires USA division. According to their observations, it is becoming more and more important for more and more car owners to have tires that combine the aggressive design and confident traction of models designed to conquer serious off-road conditions on the one hand and a high level of comfort when driving on asphalt roads on the other.

Maxxis experts faced a difficult task - to combine these qualities in one development while making the new tire a worthy successor to the well-proven off-road model Maxxis Razr MT. The main goal was to find a middle ground between off-road cross-country ability and noise during everyday travel on public roads. And, as noted by the product manager of Maxxis John Woo, the specialists of the Taiwanese company managed to create a tire, "for those who want to have a model with an aggressive design, which can be comfortably used in everyday life."

The tread pattern has a non-directional open design with many free-standing blocks. In the central part, the elements are staggered, which increases the contact patch, reduces rolling resistance and wear. At the same time, the complex polygonal shape of the blocks provides the formation of an increased number of multidirectional cutting edges. The shoulder areas are made up of massive elements. Due to the elongated transverse edges, they provide the tire with excellent traction and grip properties on the road.

Main Features of Maxxis AT-811 Razr AT

- the dense arrangement of blocks in the central part increases the contact patch, reduces rolling resistance and wear;

- high blocks-lugs along the edges of the tread improve cross-country ability on unpaved surfaces;

- Two-ply steel belts and 3-ply cords in the sidewalls provide reliability and durability off-road.

While not pretending to be the best in every driving situation, this type of rubber should confidently maintain a decent level of comfort and safety in a wide range of conditions. This is the choice of those who drive off the asphalt a lot, but do not climb into the frank abyss. And those whose unpredictable routes often pass on disgusting, but still roads.

In the Maxxis lineup, the AT-980 model has long occupied an all-terrain niche, reminiscent of the BFG All-Terrain tread pattern. And it takes so long that during its existence the company managed to decently update and expand the range of mud tires. Therefore, the appearance of the novelty was quite logical, albeit completely unexpected. The producers did not waste time, making theatrical pauses between numerous announcements and carefully leaking allegedly spy photos into the network. Just at the beginning of the season, Maxxis said: wait, it will be soon, we are already cooking. Well, actually, we waited.

What is the tire that the company is destined to become the flagship model of the All-Terrain segment from now on? Outwardly, she is completely independent. No one else will blame the designers for using someone else's inspiration. At first glance, the tread pattern looks rather tight, despite the fact that the gaps between the blocks are optimal for an all-terrain class. It's just that the tread pattern is built according to the pattern most typical for MT tires. It is clearly divided into a central zone of oblique elongated polygons and an edge, where the two sizes of outer blocks alternate sequentially and clearly differ in length. The sidewall is also decorated with relief, but with all this, the tire does not look too toothy.

The creators of the Razr AT claim that they tried to ensure that the driver would be comfortable on any roads: in terms of noise on the autobahns, and in handling on wet, and in cross-country ability on the ground. Naturally, within the limits of how much it is possible to combine all these conflicting requirements in one bus. However, according to the developers, modern technologies already allow a lot.

It is known that the very successful Maxxis Razr MT-772 mud, presented in 2017, was taken as the basis for the construction of the all-terrain model. There is no official information on how much difference the two Razr models end up with in terms of carcass construction and complex rubber compound. But according to some indirect signs in these tires, one can assume the closest relationship, which is certainly good. Maxxis MT-772 has already proved itself to be a very balanced, versatile, robust, and durable model in the mud segment. No wonder the company positions it as a touring tire. There, in tourism, but with a smaller share of outright off-road, the new Razr AT also aims.

Another interesting fact.

Some of the standard sizes of both tires are produced in a reinforced modification with a 10-layer cord. They have a stiffer sidewall, a higher load capacity index, they are stronger and heavier by several kilograms. On both models, all reinforced tires are marked with the letters LT, with the exception of a few sizes on the 772 with modified side hooks and the Mining designation.

So, in very many cases, the reinforced standard sizes AT and MT coincide. At the same time, the data on the number and composition of the cord layers converge, and the weight of the two tires is practically the same. The same suspicious similarity of these parameters can be traced in the coinciding standard sizes of the base six-layer rubber of both models. In general, these two are very much from the same casket.


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