Autogrip Ecosaver

Autogrip Ecosaver

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All-Season Touring Passenger Light Truck/SUV tire developed for drivers of Crossover, Sports Utility Vehicles and Light Duty Pickups.


* Stable shoulder blocks and a continuous center rib
* Wide circumferential grooves
* Multiple sipes
* Combination of computer-optimized design and precision manufacturing
* Internal structure which includes twin steel belts covered by nylon spiral-wound cap ply
* Green silica-based tread compound moulded into a symmetric tread design
* Limited Warranty


* Enhance responsiveness and highway stability
* Help resist hydoplaning
* Provide biting edges in snow
* Reduces vibration and road noise
* Enhances ride quality
* Optimized to deliver more tread wear mileage and actively responds to changing road surfaces and variable operating temperatures

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