Linglong Crosswind H/T

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  • Passenger Light Truck/SUV
  • Passenger SUV/CUV
  • All-Season (A/S)
  • Asymmetrical
  • Radial

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Linglong Crosswind H/T

More and more urban SUVs appear on the roads. These are cars that look like SUVs, but at the same time, they rarely move off the asphalt on the off-road. The question is what tires to buy for these cars, taking into account the peculiarities of their operation?

It would seem that you can buy mud tires or rubber for dirt roads. But due to the pronounced tread pattern, they are more likely to impede rolling and generate a lot of noise. Therefore, Crosswind H / T tires will be the best option for the operation of urban SUVs. And we will tell you about these tires in this short review.

Tire requirements for city SUVs

What should be the tires with which a modern compact SUV will demonstrate optimum performance when driving on public roads?

These tires need to be fast because modern crossovers are pretty fast. In addition, they must provide driving comfort. That is, they should not be noisy, should not transmit vibrations to the suspension. Such tires must provide sufficient directional stability so that, while driving in a straight line, you do not need to constantly steer.

And finally, tires for urban SUVs must be resistant to continuous loads, since such a car itself weighs a lot, and besides, it has a higher center of gravity than usual and this creates additional loads when cornering.

How does Crosswind H / T meet the listed requirements?

Main characteristics

  • Model: Crosswind H / T.
  • Manufacturer: Shandong Linglong Tire Co., Ltd.
  • Country: China.
  • Price segment: budget.
  • Manufacturer's warranty: up to 40 thousand miles of the run.
  • Tire type: for compact SUVs.
  • Seasonality: all-season / all-weather.
  • Projector height 8 mm.
  • Tread type: asymmetrically non-directional.
  • Design features combined radial frame.

Operational Features

Crosswind H / T was originally designed for high-performance, high-speed, heavy-duty four-wheel-drive vehicles, which operate in the city or on highways. Therefore, tires have several operational advantages.

Improved road grip. This quality is ensured by specially selected materials used in the molding of the tread and the technological design of its pattern. Thanks to the improved traction, the tires are characterized by dynamic acceleration without slipping and short braking distances. These are very important characteristics, given that the tires are used mainly in urban traffic, for example, in sluggish traffic jams, where you need to constantly accelerate and slow down. This advantage is relevant both on dry and wet road surfaces.

Improved directional stability. Due to the effective tread design and because the tires are balanced, they are distinguished by improved directional stability. In other words, for the car on the Crosswind H / T tires to maintain the chosen course, both when driving in a straight line and when cornering, you do not have to constantly steer. Agree, this is very convenient if you are planning a long trip.

Driving comfort. Due to the slightly pronounced tread, these tires are quiet. Moreover, there is little noise both outside the car and in the cabin. This is uncommon for all-season tires and even more so for off-road tires. Thanks to the low noise level and the absence of vibration on the steering wheel, driving a car with Crosswind H / T tires is practically no different from the feeling of using good passenger tires.

Can be used at high speeds. Crosswind H / T are those tires on which you can maintain a speed of up to 155 mi / h for a long time. Moreover, such a speed does not hurt the tires, since the effective weaving of the carcass in the thickness of the tire dissipates heat well, which means that the tire does not overheat while driving. In addition, these tires are maximally adapted for vehicles with a high center of gravity, that is, for SUVs. This increases the tire life, no matter how fast you drive.


Crosswind H / T are tires presented in the budget price segment. Despite this, the driving performance and service life indicators are quite consistent with the characteristics of more expensive tires presented in a higher class. How is it that good tires are inexpensive?

The thing is that the manufacturer - Linglong Tire until recently was focused exclusively on the Asian consumer and is little known in the West. To win the sympathy of European and American buyers, the manufacturer guarantees not only high quality but also the best prices.

Controllability and other driving characteristics

Crosswind H / T is one of the few tires that can be used on wet roads.

no worse than dry. The car on such tires perfectly enters the turn in a straight line, without falling into an uncontrollable skid. The reason for driving well on wet roads lies in the tread design. The tread, thanks to the system of longitudinal and horizontal grooves, perfectly removes water from the contact patch of the tire with the road, which eliminates the likelihood of aquaplaning even when driving through puddles. The increased tire-to-road contact area also provides good tire handling.

About tire durability

All-season tires are said to have a lower lifespan than regular summer or winter tires. And this is true because of high temperatures, all-season tires soften and wear faster. However, with Crosswind H / T everything is a little different. These tires, due to the composition of the rubber from which the tread is molded, retain their original rigidity in the temperature range from 77 to 23 F. As a result, these tires not only handle well but also last as much as more expensive tires.

In part, long service life is ensured by the fact that the design uses metal belts that run along the entire central rib. These belts provide uniform tire pressure over the entire contact patch. Since the tire adheres evenly to the road, the tread also wears out equally across the entire width of the tire and this ensures a longer service life. The fact that the tires are durable is confirmed by the manufacturer's warranty. Still, 40 thousand miles of run is not a little. Therefore Crosswind H / T can be called a durable tire.

To whom we recommend

First of all, Crosswind H / T will suit the owners of modern compact SUVs. Today these cars are becoming more and more, and they are probably in the range of most automakers. We also recommend these tires to owners of four-wheel-drive vehicles, since it is Crosswind H / T that can unleash the potential of such a technique on public roads.

And, of course, we recommend these tires to all practical buyers who want to spend less but do not agree to sacrifice the quality of their purchase. That is if you need truly durable, but at the same time inexpensive tires and the popularity of the manufacturer is not particularly important Crosswind H / T - this is your choice.


The Crosswind H / T is a budget all-season tire designed for urban SUVs. These tires are a great alternative to buying seasonal tires. However, be aware that, like most Linglong Tire all-season tires, these tires do not handle well on bare ice. But the problem is easily solved by using snow chains. Otherwise, the Crosswind H / T, when used on asphalt roads, is in no way inferior to the all-season tires of a higher class.

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