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In this review, we will tell you about the touring tires from the Chinese manufacturer Goodride tire So, we present to your attention the GOODRIDE SU318 H/T. These are summer touring tires specially designed for long and comfortable road trips. What are the advantages and disadvantages of these tires, and who do we recommend buying them in the first place? Read on about this and more.

General information about GOODRIDE SU318 H/T

This model of touring tubeless tires is designed to provide the car with a balance of optimal ride characteristics, including durability, traction, short braking distances, etc. The manufacturer recommends using these tires at medium speed limits since the GOODRIDE SU318 H/T model was created for long tourist trips. The maximum permissible tire speed is up to 150 mph. The maximum wheel load is from 1100 to 1700 lbs.

According to the manufacturers, the production of these tires will be increased to 18 standard sizes. This allows owners of vehicles with rim diameters from 13 to 15 inches to find the right tires for them.

In summary, the GOODRIDE SU318 H/T can be characterized as an environmentally friendly and comfortable tire for long journeys and everyday use.

Features of operation

So, now that we know what the GOODRIDE SU318 H/T is, it remains to be determined how these tires differ from other summer tires that are in the range of Goodride tires and the range of products from other brands.

They make cars more versatile. GOODRIDE SU318 H/T is a cross between traditional and racing tires. These tires have a wider profile than classic tires. As a result, GOODRIDE SU318 H/T can be used for everyday trips in the city, for long journeys on suburban highways, and even for short trips on small off-road. Haven't you dreamed of tires that can be so versatile?

They are distinguished by their optimum running quality. It is about the dynamic start and the length of the braking distance, which directly affects the driving experience. Just to note that, like any truly high-quality modern tire, GOODRIDE SU318 H/T starts without slipping. As for the braking distance, this is not the strongest point of these tires, since the tires are not sporty. However, braking on dry surfaces is on par with good regular mid-range tires. But braking on wet roads is surprisingly better than other tires due to the composition of the rubber from which the upper tread layer is molded. And the tread pattern contributes a lot to the reduction of the braking distance.

They feature low noise levels and virtually no vibration. This feature is due to the composition of the rubber used in the tread molding. The rubber in its thickness is porous and due to this, the softness of the ride increases, and the noise level is reduced.

From all this, we can conclude: GOODRIDE SU318 H/T tires are the best choice for motorists who do not strive for fast driving, but value safety and comfort.

Well, in order not to feel any shortcomings at all, when switching to GOODRIDE SU318 H/T from other tires, try to follow the manufacturer's recommendations for air pressure, seasonality of operation, maximum load, and maximum permissible speed. If all these conditions are met, you most likely will not have any complaints about these tires.

5 reasons to buy Chinese GOODRIDE SU318 H/T tires

  1. Acceptable cost. Price is a key factor in rubber selection. And the prices for GOODRIDE SU318 H/T tires are now among the most affordable in comparison with tires of European or American production.
  2. Wide range of standard sizes. In the GOODRIDE SU318 H/T range, you will surely find tires for your passenger car.
  3. High quality. A few years ago, the tires of Chinese brands were perceived ambiguously, but those days have passed, and the situation has changed dramatically. This is evidenced by GOODRIDE SU318 H/T tires, which in terms of quality are not inferior to foreign counterparts presented in the middle price segment.
  4. No fakes. It is no secret that there are counterfeit tires on the market. But the trick is that they mostly counterfeit expensive and popular rubber. At the same time, no one will undertake to counterfeit Chinese tires, since this is at least unprofitable.
  5. Compliance with the expiration dates. Maybe someone does not know, but on average, the shelf life of summer tires is 5-6 years. If the tires are stored longer, the processes of destruction of the rubber compound begin. And although these changes are invisible to the naked eye, they are there and because of them, the tire life is reduced significantly. So, some dealers will sell expensive tires with an expired date, interrupting the date. At the same time, GOODRIDE SU318 H/T tires are always on sale with a normal shelf life, since they are inexpensive, their stocks are quickly sold out and are quickly updated.

About ecology and fuel economy

GOODRIDE SU318 H/T is one of the most environmentally friendly car tires available in the budget and mid-price segment.

The lower the rolling resistance, the less fuel is consumed by the tires, which means there will be fewer emissions to the environment. And, of course, in addition to environmental friendliness, reduced fuel consumption translates into money savings. To make it clear what this is about, keep in mind that, thanks to these tires, in the extra-urban cycle, fuel economy reaches 10%. Not too little considering gas prices!

Purchase recommendations

So, now that we know all the strengths of the GOODRIDE SU318 H/T tires, it remains to decide whether to buy them or not. It all depends on how practical you approach the choice of automotive components. If it is important how popular and well-known a brand is, turn your attention to European or Japanese manufacturers. If high driving quality and road safety combined with an affordable price are more important to you, GOODRIDE SU318 H/T is what you need.

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