Nitto Exo Grappler Awt

All-Season / Winter Traction All-Terrain Passenger Light Truck tire.


* Gear shaped block edges
* Variable pitch tread blocks
* Sidewall technology - staggered shoulder blocks and 3-ply sidewall with large sidewall lugs
* Dual sidewall design - one side with three-dimensional buttresses and the other has Y-shaped buttresses
* Durable compound
* Spiral shaped stone ejectors
* 3-peak mountain snowflake symbol


* Reinforce centre tread blocks and provide a stable contact patch
* Reduces tire noise at highway driving speeds
* Provide biting edges for off-road traction in loose dirt surfaces
* Offer additional sidewall strength and puncture resistance
* Exceptional uniform off-road performance even with your choice of two different designs
* Aids cut and chip resistance on unpaved gravel roads
* Serve to reduce stone retention as well as stone drilling
* For winter performance

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