Cooper Evolution M/T

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  • Passenger Light Truck/Pick-up
  • Passenger Light Truck/SUV
  • All-Season (A/S)
  • Mud Terrain (M/T)

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The Cooper Evolution M / T is said by the manufacturing company to provide maximum flotation on the most difficult off-road conditions, and in addition, they have been modified to reduce noise when driving on asphalt.

Cooper Evolution M / T is an all-season mud tire for off-road vehicles and pickup trucks. They are characterized by high cross-country ability on rough terrain, high wear resistance, as well as high tractive effort in harsh winter conditions, the manufacturer says. New for 2019.

The name of the mud tires Cooper Evolution M / T, however, these are two different models that should not be confused with each other. They come in a variety of tread patterns and are available in different markets, and the Evolution M / T tires are stud-compatible, which greatly enhances their grip on ice.

The uniquely shaped alternating large blocks are like mud buckets, says a Shina Guide technician. They easily come into contact with loose surfaces, sand, and sticky mud, thereby increasing the Cooper Evolution M / T's traction on rough terrain.

Extra grip in mud is provided by wide drainage grooves for quick self-cleaning of the tread.

Special elements on the sidewalls of the tire, called by the developers "climbers", deftly cling to stones and sticks, providing invaluable assistance during rock-crawling, and protect tires from damage on complete off-road conditions.

Cooper Evolution M / T design features.

One of the factors in the longevity of Cooper Evolution M / T all-seasons is the presence of grooves on the bottom of the grooves that protect the tread from various kinds of sharp objects and stones.

It is noted that the design of the model is, among other things, focused on increasing driving comfort when traveling on paved roads.

  1. Massive alternating excavator blocks increase traction on loose soil, sand, and sticky mud
  2. Dirt pushers accelerate self-cleaning
  3. Sidewall hooks help with rock crawling and protect tires from damage
  4. Groove barriers prevent damage when stones and other sharp objects getting stuck in the tread

In the US, the tires are available in 12 sizes with rims ranging from 15 to 20 inches. The outer diameter reaches 35 inches. The tires are studded for increased grip on ice.

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