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The BFGoodrich Advantage T / A Sport LT is a high-performance tire with an omnidirectional tread design for CUV and SUV class vehicles, as well as light truck pickups. In daily use, tires are designed to provide maximum driving pleasure without sacrificing practicality. 2017 model.

The BFGoodrich Advantage T / A Sport LT tires, according to the manufacturer, are the perfect combination of performance and versatility. They are intended to complement the range of BFGoodrich Advantage T / A Sport passenger tires, produced by American tire makers since 2016.

The “LT” version of the Advantage T / A Sport model has the same tread pattern as the passenger version, however, in order to withstand heavy daily loads, it has a reinforced internal structure, which, among other things, improves handling and helps to extend the life of the tire. Shina.Guide specialist. The model has a unique tread design that favorably emphasizes its sporty orientation.

Close-up of Advantage T / A Sport LT tread design

BFGoodrich Advantage T / A Sport LT tests carried out by one of the independent testing organizations showed that the traction of the all-season 2017 new product on snow is 30% higher than the average value of similar tires from leading competitors - Yokohama Geolandar H / T 056, Firestone Destination LE2, Goodyear Assurance CS Fuel Max and Cooper Discoverer SRX.

In addition, the Advantage T / A Sport LT tires are 9% more resistant to aquaplaning and provide 10% better handling than their predecessor BFGoodrich Long Trail T / A Tour.

  • All-season traction
  • Undeniable performance, kilometer by kilometer
  • A new level of manageability

The increased traction properties can challenge any weather. The braking performance of the model is 12% better than its predecessor, and the traction on snow is 15% better.

Confident control over the traffic situation when cornering and emergency maneuvering. 15% improved dry handling.

BFGoodrich Tires is expanding its range of off-road tires. The latest launch in North America yesterday is the all-year BFGoodrich Advantage T / A Sport LT for crossovers, SUVs, and pickups. The new tire shares the same innovative tread design as its passenger car sister, the Advantage T / A Sport, which debuted last year, providing the perfect combination of performance and versatility. This all-season, versatile premium performance is complemented by improved aquaplaning resistance, increased traction on snow, and handling.

“BFGoodrich Tires has a long history of leadership in the all-round on-road and off-road tire market,” says Fred Ollendorf, Marketing Manager for BFGoodrich Road Tires Canada. “Our brand is committed to transforming high-performance technology into the performance tires drivers need in their daily use. All-Weather All-Purpose is the core design element of this product line. Our goal is to provide the consumer with the most balanced performance product available on the market. The new BFGoodrich Advantage T / A Sport LT proves its winter reliability, best-in-class handling, and stability in all weather conditions. ”

“BFGoodrich has long been the market leader in performance tires, both passenger cars, and off-road tires,” said Matthew Cabe, Marketing Manager for BFGoodrich. “Our company also strives to use high technology in the production of standard tires for everyday life, and with the development of the new Advantage T / A Sport LT, our goal was to create an all-season multifunctional tire with truly balanced performance.”

From the technological features of the new model, the tire manufacturer distinguishes the technology of closing active 3D sipes, which provide increased grip on wet and snow-covered surfaces, and the Aqua-Flume technology, which is a set of drainage grooves for dispersing water from the contact patch. Among the most important features of the BFGoodrich Advantage T /, A Sport LT is the full-size tread that maintains consistent performance throughout the tire's life. In addition, the new tire features an improved compound that allows for winter snowflake markings against the backdrop of a three-peaked mountain, confirming compliance with the Tire and Rubber Industry Canada (TRAC) winter tire standard.,

Initially, The BFGoodrich Advantage T / A LT will be offered in 30 sizes, with three more sizes added to the line, bringing market coverage to over 70%. In the spring of 2018, the tires will be available in six additional sizes. The tires will fit 15- to 22-inch rims, and 12 sizes will be new to the BFGoodrich brand. With the launch of the new tires, BFGoodrich continues its program, which will simplify the assortment structure and offer one instead of four.


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