Yokohama Tornante

Yokohama Tornante

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All-Season Passenger Vehicle Performance Tire.


* 3D adaptive sipes maintaing biting edges as the tire wears
* Orange oil compound
* Cross support tread blocks work together as one continuous block
* Constant contact ribs increas rubber to road contact
* Asymmetrical tread design with wider blocks on the outside and increased groove are on the inside
* Four deep circumferential grooves accelerate water evacuation
* Sweeping cross groves channel water away
* Multi-pitch variation reduces amplification of pattern noise
* 85,000 Mile Limited Treadwear Warranty (T-Rated) and 75,000 Mile Limited Treadwear Warranty (H & V-Rated)


* For enhanced wet and wither traction while providing longer wear
* For longer tread life and lower rolling resistance, saving fuel and money
* Maintain excellent grip while cornering
* For confident handling
* Provide exceptional dry erformance andn improved grip on wet and snowy roads
* For optimal traction in wet weather
* Provide exceptional bite for racton on wet and wintery roads
* For a quiet, comfortable ride

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