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Yokohama Geolandar Hts (g051)

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Everyday Driving Sand and Gravel. It's not too Aggressive and Works Well on Sand and Gravel. Suits Small to Large Four Wheel Drives used mainly for Commuting and Ferrying the Family around.


* Large shoulder blocks
* Two wide, straight grooves
* Specially developed tread compound
* Offers more "car like" performance with its optimized shape and size of the tread block


* Vehicles with a high centre of gravity are susceptible to rollover accidents, large shoulder blocks provide extra strength and stiffness for safe handling and braking
* Improve water evacuation to increase wet traction on slippery roads
* Capable of delivering superb wet traction without compromising the tyre's extended mileage capabilities
* 4WDs traditionally had the reputation of being noisy and uncomfortable, the HTS provides first-class comfort, reduced noise and even wear

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