Summit Trail Climber AT

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  • Passenger Light Truck/Pick-up
  • Passenger Light Truck/SUV
  • Passenger SUV/CUV
  • All-Season (A/S)
  • All Terrain (A/T)
  • Asymmetrical
  • Radial
  • Tubeless

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Summit TRAIL CLIMBER AT is designed for year-round, all-season performance and is designed for truck, SUV, and commercial truck drivers. The main characteristics of this tire include reliable traction and handling, comfortable ride quality, and longer tread life.

Summit uses all-season rubber that can match the symmetrical tread patterns and continuous center ribs. The end result is solid dry traction, faster steering response, and improved cornering and handling performance.

 Summit TRAIL CLIMBER AT Tire Review The 

4 wide circumferential grooves and multiple cross grooves can improve wet traction and help reduce the risk of water skiing. This is the area where you will find that this tire performs well. Zigzag sipes are added around the tread to further aid grip on wet roads and provide good traction on snow-covered roads. These sharp edges can influence lighter snow and help with braking and acceleration.

Summit has optimized the tread design to reduce road noise and provide a smoother, more comfortable ride quality. For the mid-level models, TRAIL CLIMBER AT provides good comfort on the most difficult roads and potholes.

The tire has a two-ply structure on the inside and all LT sizes have three-ply tires. Double polyamide wrapped steel straps increase strength and durability. Summit added black lettering on the sidewalls to make the tire more attractive. The

TRAIL CLIMBER AT is sized from 16 to 20 inches, and the speed rating is T or H on all non-LT sizes. Summit offers a 60,000-mile tread warranty for this model.

Tire Features 

The TRAIL CLIMBER AT is an all-season production line that promises "excellent wet traction and handling" and "stable cold-weather performance," TBC said. Drivers will take advantage of TBC's support: 60,000-mile shoe warranty, free two-year roadside assistance, one year of free road hazard protection, free lifetime replacement for labor or material failures, and 30 test drive days. Physically speaking, the tire uses a non-directional five-rib design to improve driving stability and prevent uneven wear.

Wide circumferential grooves can move the water quickly and prevent water skiing; the serrated grooves improve traction in winter/winter, and the variable width shoulder pad design can reduce road noise and improve comfort.

The solid continuous center rib is located on the full-width seamless nylon cover to secure the belt and optimize stability. The solid heel apex supports increased stiffness and strength of the sidewalls under load, while the double steel strap enhances the durability and strength of the shell.

TBC said that the high-pressure carcass layer improves the stability of the tread. The

TRAIL CLIMBER AT also has a black solid lettering sidewall design, which "can increase aesthetic appeal and provide a stylish, eye-catching appearance", TBC said.


  •  Good wet/dry traction performance and handling capacity
  •  Low noise level
  •  Cost value


  •  Ice traction and hard packing
  •  General idea

Summit TRAIL CLIMBER AT is well suited for all-purpose grade truck stations / off-road in the second line of tires roads. In addition to braking / accelerating on ice in a hard and soft package, it also performs well overall. The lowest cost value makes it ideal for new tires.

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