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Goodyear EAGLE SPORT ALL-SEASON - all-season tires for SUVs and crossovers

The Goodyear EAGLE SPORT ALL-SEASON all-season tire is in high demand among powerful 4WD SUVs. Such rubber can be successfully used on jeeps, SUVs, pickups, and crossovers. The tires are adapted to various road and climatic conditions: they can be used for driving on wet and dry asphalt, bumpy surfaces, country dirt roads, ads, forests, and mountainous terrain. The wheels have a high margin of safety, so they can easily withstand shock loads and do not deteriorate after long trips on low-quality roads.

Goodyear Run On Flat (ROF) or Extended Mobility Technology (EMT) tires are an excellent solution for those who value peace of mind and storage space. Since they are designed to help you continue driving on flat or flat tires, you should consider them if you put comfort and safety first when looking for suitable tires.

Quick Note: You must have a tire pressure monitoring system or install one to be eligible to use a flat tire.

Asymmetric pattern

Goodyear engineers have developed a unique countertop design for the EAGLE SPORT ALL-SEASON. Its main functional elements are:

  • Longitudinal central ribs. These elements are formed by numerous blocks, which are provided with deep slats and slots for the drainage of water. The main functions of the stiffeners are to increase directional stability, reduce noise and improve traction and coupling characteristics.
  • Shoulder areas. Large rubber blocks are concentrated in these parts of the tread pattern, which are responsible for safe traction with the road when making sharp high-speed maneuvers. Transverse grooves located between the blocks significantly enhance aquaplaning protection.
  • Multidirectional lamellas. The increased density of sipes has a positive effect on the grip and performance of the tires. Lamellas significantly shorten the braking distance of the car and reduce the likelihood of slipping during a sharp acceleration.

Wear-resistant and environmentally-friendly rubber

For the Goodyear Eagle Sport All-Season tire, a unique chemical compound has been created. Microparticles of carbon black, silicic acid, and a complex of synthetic additives were added to the rubber, thanks to which the tires became more durable and reliable. The use of silica has also reduced rolling resistance, which has a positive effect on fuel consumption.

Reinforced construction

Tires of this series are not afraid of mechanical stress and can maintain an integral structure even after strong impacts. A multi-layered internal structure provides effective impact protection. The seamless belt and steel cord absorb impact energy, so the tread and sidewalls remain intact even after the wheels hit deep potholes, curbs, bumps, stones, and other obstacles.


  • Clear and precise control.
  • Enormous lateral pull.
  • Very good acceleration and braking.


  • Arizona is not the best place to test your winter grip.


Goodyear starts with several technological features imported from other tires for the Eagle Sport AS, including:

  • TripleTred Technology: Three tread zones - Water, Dry, and Ice - provide a wide range of traction in changing conditions:
  • ComforTred Technology: A softer layer of rubber under the tread itself helps to make the ride smoother.
  • TredLock Technology: Goodyear's 3D self-locking sipe, which has an internal topology that locks under pressure to prevent the tread block from bending, which would increase tread wear.

The Eagle Sport AS also boasts some brand new technologies, including:

  • Sloped grooves: This idea has only been seen in B.F. Goodrich, G-Force Rival, in which the annular grooves are cut at an angle so that the groove walls are not straight up and down at a 90-degree angle. rather beveled. This appears to be very useful for lateral movement as the tread blocks do not move too much laterally under pressure when turning and align the contact area. The idea seems to be catching on.
  • Brand new rubber compound with improved silicon content for longer tread life.
  • Deep grooves that do not lose their sharp edges when the tire is worn.
  • Open "blades" cut into center ribs and tread blocks to reinforce the bite of snow and ice. The winter grip testing in Arizona did not take place, but technical project manager Tim Lovell reassured the group, “We are significantly better on the snow than the competition. I guarantee it.

These tires are very, very crisp. They react immediately to steering signals and generate a surprising amount of lateral thrust when the wheel is turned. This could be due to the sloped grooves supporting the tire under lateral pressure - a technology that may have just surpassed the development team's wildest dreams.

The effect is extremely noticeable - during the repeated run with the ESC (Electronic Stability Control) off, the tires turned with such unexpected force and lateral force that I almost lost control of the car. Fortunately, they are also very accurate and controllable.

The tires are quite fast when accelerating, gripping, and holding the pavement well even at full power from the start. Although the lateral grip is not up to F1 Asymmetric standards, it is quite suitable for HP tires that are somewhere below the Potenza RE97AS and above the Firehawk Wide Oval. In most cases, tires lose traction slowly and predictably, although there is little tendency to understeer or "jerk" without much warning on wet pavement. The brake lever, however, is excellent and very controllable in both dry and wet conditions.

The Eagle Sport's ride is a lot smoother than the F1 Asymmetric, as it should be, but it's definitely on the stiffer side of things.

The essence

It's hard to be everything to everyone. A lot of what the HP All-Season tire is about is UHP traction, but the ride quality of the Grand Touring tire with the addition of some winter capability. This is almost impossible, so the question is what trade-offs need to be made and where the bus will fit between these three poles.

Eagle Sport focuses on performance while making real, but fairly minimal, concessions to ride quality. What you get is a good performer who is a little rude - but a ton of fun - for what is expected to be pretty good at the price. If that's essentially what you're looking for in a tire, then overall it's a great compromise.

Tire Info

  • Passenger Car/Minivan
  • Passenger SUV/CUV
  • All-Season (A/S)
  • Asymmetrical
  • Run Flat
  • Ultra High Performance (UHP)
Run Flat

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