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Destination LE3

Are you an SUV or small truck owner looking for quality tires for all-season use? It's time to buy the Firestone Destination LE3! What are these tires, how and by whom are they made, what are their advantages and disadvantages? You will find the answers to these questions in our short review.

A few words about the brand

It is clear that when choosing a product, you should not pay attention to the manufacturer. Nevertheless, it will be useful, at least in general terms, to know who makes these tires.

The American Firestone Tire and Rubber Company have been producing tires since 1900. Agree, considerable experience! For most of the 20th century, the Ford concern compulsorily equipped its cars with tires of this brand only. This fact speaks of the high quality of the tires. Today, Firestone products are sold in various countries around the world. And everywhere these tires are in high demand.

Overview of Destination LE3

The Firestone Destination LE3 tire is an improved and modified version of the once-popular LE2 tire, which is no longer in production. This lightweight all-season tire was created for SUVs and pickups that are in daily use and have high mileage. LE3 tire is on the market since 2020.

Among the main features of the operation of these tires, we note good performance on dry roads, in rainy weather, and even in snow. In addition, these tires provide a high level of comfort when traveling long distances, regardless of the type of road surface.

Comparison with LE2 - what are the improvements

The most significant improvement applied to the LE3 is the increased siping depth without sacrificing strength. The sidewall design has also changed slightly as the outer edge of this tire is now more reinforced. This tire also has a directional tread pattern, that is, the tire must be installed with a certain side to the car.

Among other differences, we note that the warranty for LE3, in comparison with LE2, has increased by 10 thousand miles and is 70 thousand miles or 90 days from the date of purchase.

Technologies applied in the production of LE3

Like all modern Firestone products, the LE3 range is a high-tech product. Many patented technologies are used in these tires, here are just a few of them:

  • TRACTIONTECH ™ - technology ensures uniform tire adherence over the entire area of the contact patch with the road surface. As a result, the tread wears off more evenly and the tire lasts longer.
  • HYDRO-GRIP ™ - technology provides intensive water removal from the contact patch of the tire and road surface. As a result, driving on a wet road becomes more stable and predictable.
  • FULL-DEPTH 3D SIPES ™ - technology improves traction on loose and packed snow.

Tire benefits

  • Durability of operation - the tire is really reliable and durable, it is not for nothing that the manufacturer gives a guarantee of 70 thousand miles of the run!
  • Resistance to punctures and cuts is very important considering that the tire is tubeless. The advantage is provided by the composition of the production materials and the particularly dense weaving of the frame.
  • Excellent handling on road surfaces and off-road - the technology works!
  • Excellent handling, regardless of weather conditions - it's all about the tread, its pattern allows you to confidently keep the car on a straight line and start into turns.
  • Quicker start and shorter braking distance - thanks to excellent grip, the car starts without slipping and rapidly picks up speed. Again, thanks to its good grip, the car's braking distance will be one-third less than other tires.
  • Less noise level than when using other tires - the advantage is due to the special arrangement of 3D sipes. The low noise level is very important for the comfort of the driver and passengers when traveling long distances.

These were the main benefits and as you can see, they are enough. The question is, are there any disadvantages? A common drawback for all all-season tires is insufficient handling in icy conditions. Expect spiked tires to run better on ice. Again, when planning trips on ice, nothing prevents you from using snow chains.

How are these tires made?

For the production of Destination LE3 tires, high-tech rubber compounds based on synthetic rubber are used. The patented rubber compounding formulation includes over 20 chemicals, all of which are required for the finished tire to provide the best performance.

In order for the tire to be strong and maintain its configuration, a carcass and belts are used. The carcass in these tires is traditional wire, with the difference that the weaving is especially dense. Breakers - metal strips run along the entire center rib. The beads are reinforced with metal cords that press the tire against the rim walls.

The most important element in the construction of Destination LE3 is of course a protector. It is made of high-density rubber with an abrasive filler. Thanks to this, the tread is resistant to abrasion, but at the same time provides sufficient grip on the road surface.

A few words about the design

The Destination LE3 is a mid-profile tire that still looks very sporty. The attractiveness of the tires is added by the inscriptions on the side, made in white. However, along with these tires in the model line, there are pure black options.

Despite the considerable tread height, it does not look aggressive. Therefore, the tire is visually not perceived off-road, although it is focused on driving on rough terrain.

Destination LE3 - performance in numbers

The Destination LE3 model line is represented by a wide range of standard sizes. Tires are available in diameters from 16 to 22 inches. Tire widths are also different. This choice is enough to find tires for any vehicle, including urban crossovers, SUVs, and light trucks.

This model range includes tires with speed rating T (120 m/hr) and H (130 m/hr). This characteristic corresponds to the high-speed potential of modern pickups and SUVs. Destination LE3 tire weights vary by tire size. On average, this figure ranges from 24 to 37 kg. The weight of the tires is largely compensated by the ideal balance, due to which the tire is characterized by minimal rolling resistance. Thanks to this property, Destination LE3 saves fuel. Tests carried out by the manufacturer have shown that using these tires reduces fuel consumption in country driving mode by 10%. Agree, this is an excellent result against the background of the constantly growing cost of energy resources!

How much is it

No matter how high-quality and durable the tire is, the buyer, first of all, pays attention to the price. When the Destination LE3 hit the market, the MSRP was just over $130. That is, these tires belong to the mid-price segment. Considering the balance between quality, performance, and value, these tires are an excellent choice.

Who are these tires for?

Destination LE3 is a versatile tire that can be recommended to all SUV and pickup truck owners, from urban dwellers to farmers. Again, we recommend these tires to those motorists who know how to count money but do not agree to sacrifice travel comfort. Conclusion: Destination LE3 - are great tires for your money!

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