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  • Winter
  • Directional
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All-season tires Cooper Evolution H / T are in the center of the tread. Four drain grooves are located right in the center. The grooves with a large internal volume dry out the contact patch and, at the same time, carry out a self-cleaning function, pushing out the trapped water and dirt.

Thanks to these properties, the tires have good handling in wet areas, which gives a high stability indicator. Three chamber lamellas allow you to make any maneuvers in difficult terrain. Narrow 3d sipes are equally distributed throughout the tread pattern with a large number of sharp edges.

Cooper Evolution HT tires have a good durability indicator with constant use at any time of the year. Drivers of vehicles appreciate this feature and try to purchase this model.

The strong steel cord has a good multi-layer seal. Three-layer steel rods of a cord, protect the rubber from punctures, cuts, and blows from unforeseen situations when driving. This model does not lose elasticity in winter. In the summer, in high-temperature conditions, it does not deform. Cooper Evolution HT tires do not make noise on the pavement.

Cooper Evolution Winter is a directional studded tire designed for optimum performance. They are characterized by reliable grip on loose and packed snow, stable handling on icy surfaces, fast braking on wet asphalt, and ride comfort.

Cooper Evolution Winter tires have replaced the Cooper Weather-Master S / T 2, produced since 2009. Thanks to a tread design optimized for use in deep snow, and proprietary technology of the American manufacturer Snow-Groove, Evolution Winter tires grip the snow cover tenaciously, thereby instilling confidence in the driver on winter roads.

The model has passed the Cooper Weather-Master certification, which guarantees its effective braking in any winter weather, says a technician Shina.Guide. In addition, the tire is distinguished by high mechanical and acoustic comfort, and to increase its grip on ice, the Cooper Evolution Winter tread can be equipped with anti-skid studs.

In addition to the Evolution Winter winter model, the evolutionary line of the legendary American brand also includes the Cooper Evolution H / T all-season road and Cooper Evolution Tour touring tires.

The new Evolution tires complement Discoverer's hugely popular premium tire line, giving consumers a wide range of choices within a single Cooper brand. “Evolution is a developmental process. The launch of the Cooper Evolution tire line demonstrates our commitment to simplifying the tire selection process, ”said Scott Jamieson, Cooper Tire North America Sales Director. “We are optimizing our product portfolio to make buying tires less difficult for consumers. With the addition of these new products, consumers will be able to choose the product of the Cooper brand they need, based on its technical characteristics and guarantee for mileage. "

As Scott Jamieson, director of product line planning for Cooper, noted, with the launch of the new line, the company now covers both the high-end and mid-range segment. “With the new family, we want to simplify the tire selection process for consumers,” he said. "They can now choose from either our premium tires from the hugely popular Discoverer family or the mid-range tires from the new Evolution range."

Cooper Evolution Winter. Tires optimized for traction in various winter conditions. Snow-Groove grooves grip snow for increased traction while studying capability allows for additional traction on ice.

Cooper Evolution Winter winter tires are:

  • uncompromising grip;
  • resistance to aquaplaning and slashing;
  • short braking distance of a tire;
  • frost-resistant and durable rubber;
  • the possibility of studding;
  • increased mileage.

Cooper Evolution Winter tires replaced the Cooper Weather-Master S / T2. Unlike its predecessor, the model has better grip properties, has a 6% shorter braking distance, and a 12% longer driving life. The rubber is adapted for operation in regions with rapidly changing weather conditions, and the ability to install studs on the tread blocks will enhance adhesion on rolled snow and ice. The symmetrical, directional tread allows the tire to move smoothly on dry roads, loose snow and slush. Thanks to the special configuration of the blocks equipped with winter sipes, excellent traction, stability of directional movement, and precise execution of control commands are provided. Massive blocks of shoulder areas of the tire prevent side drifts when maneuvering and cornering. Thanks to their excellent performance, the efficiency and effectiveness of braking in slippery conditions is increased, and the braking distance is also shortened.

The rubber was produced using Tri-Polymer Blend Tread Compound technology, the essence of which is to combine polymer materials. Due to this, its wear resistance is increased, rolling resistance is reduced and adhesion to slippery surfaces is enhanced.

Deep grooves in a tire serve two important functions. First, they quickly evacuate water and slush from the contact patch, thereby reducing the risk of slash planning. And, secondly, they allow the tread to effectively self-cleaning from snow and mud.

The Cooper Tire and Rubber Company is a renowned global manufacturer of tire products. Automotive tires of this brand are renowned for their reliability, excellent driving qualities, and ensures traffic safety in all road and weather conditions.

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