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Introduced by the American manufacturer in 2020, the Cooper Discoverer Snow Claw tires have passed rigorous snow tests in four countries on three continents with ease. This is explained by the use of the patented proprietary Snow Groove technology, which traps snow in the tread grooves for increased traction, handling, and braking.

The Discoverer Snow Claw was designed and built by experts with first-hand knowledge of the winters of the northern states and Canada, says a Shina Guide technician. Therefore, it is designed for extremely harsh weather conditions, operation in snow and ice. Another key guarantee for drivers is the presence of the 3PMSF pictogram (snowflakes against the background of a three-peaked mountain).

It is noted that the elastic and soft rubber compound of the tread allows the Cooper Discoverer Snow Claw to maintain stable performance in extremely cold conditions. The tire can be studded to provide extreme traction and traction.

This model will complement the Cooper Discoverer range for winter conditions, which has been introduced since 2017 by the Cooper Discoverer Winter friction tires.

Cooper Discoverer Snow Claw - quality winter tires for off-road vehicles

Cooper Discovery Snow Clow winter studded tires are designed for powerful 4x4 vehicles that are used not only on city roads but also in the countryside. The tires have a durable internal structure that provides effective protection against accidental damage when traveling on uneven road surfaces. Aggressive block tread design gives the tires high cross-country ability on snow and wet ground surfaces, allows you to confidently overcome difficult road sections and drive safely.

“Winter weather is unpredictable, so drivers want to have tires built with proven technology to drive safely even in the most extreme conditions,” said Andrea Berriman, Cooper Tire Director of Product Development. “With the addition of the new Discoverer Snow Claw winter tires to the Cooper product line, pickup and SUV owners will be able to purchase tires that provide extreme ice grip and excellent snow performance, which is essential for driving in extreme winter conditions.”

Snow Groove technology

The main element of the Cooper Discoverer Snow Claw winter tires is snow-covered roads covered with loose and rolled snow. To ensure sufficient performance of the tires under such conditions, engineers of the American company Cooper used the proprietary Snow Groove technology in this model. Its essence lies in the special design of the tread blocks, which have a complex polygonal shape and are equipped with many sharp cutting edges. The sharpened corners of the rubber blocks and their sawtooth side contours provide excellent flotation, handling, and stability in adverse climatic conditions.

Studding capability

The tires of this series have technological holes for installing anti-skid studs. The attachment points of these elements are located on the tread in random order and form several longitudinal rows. The pins can be fixed on all tread ribs, except for the central one. Their presence will allow you to move more safely on icy road surfaces, to drive a car more confidently on roads covered with a layer of compacted polished snow. Also, the studding system makes it possible to easily remove the car from the rolled track, without risking getting into a side skid and creating an emergency.

Soft and flexible compound

The rubber compound based on which the Cooper Discovery Snow Clow winter tires are produced contains a significant amount of silica and environmentally friendly elastomers. Thanks to these substances, the compound does not turn to stone during a rapid cold snap and does not lose its adhesion characteristics. This allows the tires to be used even in the harsh northern climate. The tire's suitability for these climatic conditions has been confirmed by tests carried out by Cooper in the northern regions of the United States and Canada.

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