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Bridgestone Potenza Re910 Uni-t

The Potenza RE910 with UNI-T is designed to deliver outstanding wet performance, especially wet stopping, while still providing excellent dry performance. It is available in a wide variety of sizes to fit domestic and imported performance vehicles.


* Innovative Tire Design - A Comprehensive Tire Design Method
* Innovative Roundness
* Innovative Compound - Longer Is Stronger
* TRG tread pattern
* Key Hole Sipes
* 5 Degree Noise Reduction
* Rim Guard
* Spiral Wrap
* Tread compound


* This method improves handling in wet or dry conditions and reduces irregular treadwear by combining an ideal tread design, casing shape, materials and construction
* Rounder overall tire shape provides better balance for wet or dry handling
* L.L. Carbon utilizes a special form of molecular re-engineered carbon black, a key factor in improving tire wear while enhancing wet performance
* Contributes outstanding wet performance, especially wet handling
* Key Hole Sipes enlarge as the tire wears to help maintain new tread appearance, and aid wet performance as the tire wears
* Produces noise-canceling sound waves to significantly reduce tire noise on road surfaces
* The raised rubber ridge acts like a bumper to protect wheels from curb damage
* Spiral Wrap is a continuous nylon wrap that encircles the whole tire, helping the tire hold its original shape to improve high speed capability
* Promotes long-wearing durability and outstanding quiet performance without sacrificing dry performance

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