Bfgoodrich Winter T/a Ksi

Bfgoodrich Winter T/a Ksi

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Winter Passenger Car tire.


* High sipe density
* New compound optimized with more silica
* large circumferential grooves and wide lateral grooves
* Saw-toothed groove edges
* Interlocking 3D sipes
* Continuous center rib
* Serrated shoulder profile
* Casing protectors


* Maximized amount of biting edges for snow and ice grip
* For grip in sub-freezing temperatures with stability on warmer winter days
* For water and slush evacuation
* Increased biting edges for grip on snow and ice
* Increases stability of shoulder blocks for grip on snow and ice and stability on dry
* For on-center feel and steering control, jagged for snow traction
* Provides additional grip in deep snow
* Prevents stone drilling

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