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Yokohama Geolandar X-MT G005

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Tire Info

  • Passenger Light Truck/Pick-up
  • Passenger Light Truck/SUV
  • All-Season (A/S)
  • Mud Terrain (M/T)

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The Yokohama Geolandar X-MT G005 is an all-season pickup and SUV mud tire designed for extreme off-road use. They are characterized by reliable traction and high flotation on any rough terrain, including sand and rocky terrain, wear resistance, and long service life. New for 2019.

Compared to the standard Yokohama Geolandar M / T G003 off-road tires, the Yokohama Geolandar X-MT G005 is a more aggressive and extreme option, allowing not only to blaze a path through any terrain but also to dominate the tracks.

While working on the G005, Yokohama engineers took the popular BFGoodrich Krawler KX and Nitto Mud Grappler tires as performance samples. As a result, the Yokohama Geolandar X-MT's mud grip is 6-10% better than the Nitto Mud Grappler and 4-8% better than the BFG Krawler KX.

Stepped Slotted Slots in G005 Blocks

The Rock Concept Yokohama G005 Geolandar X-MT tread pattern is extremely aggressive and reminiscent of the design of the Yokohama Mud Digger of past decades. The ideal block-to-void ratio provides excellent traction and short braking distances in wet conditions says a Shina.Guide technician. Massive blocks with deep slots help increase traction in mud and loose surfaces, thus ensuring confident forward movement. The voids help the tire to cling to sharp rocky edges, like a climber's fingers and hands.

Interblock voids

The variable pitch of the Geolandar XMT tread pattern enhances ride comfort on the highway while maintaining off-road performance.

The high-strength rubber compound guarantees exceptional tire durability and better handling on long expeditions on rough terrain.

Each Yokohama Geolandar X-MT G005 tire size has three-layer Geo-Shield polyester sidewalls. The tread area is also protected by three polyester layers, two steel layers, and one all-nylon layer. The traction and cutting edges of the tread blocks are equipped with an additional rubber layer, which, like the volumetric protrusions on the sidewalls, was made to prevent punctures.

High adaptability to uneven surfaces

In addition, a closer look at the tire reveals a raised "skirt" around each tread block. These additional rubber and strong bumpers are designed to prevent mechanical damage to open void areas.

Protective "skirts"

The Yokohama Geolandar X-MT G005 tire sidewall design and logo writing are a reference to the natural design of the rocky surface.

The tread was created according to the requirements of drivers participating in long expeditions on harsh terrain. The tires are able to easily overcome steep descents and ascents on rocky, sandy, and mud surfaces. For the sake of passability, the design of the tread blocks is made by analogy with a rocky surface. Despite this, the tires are characterized by a reduced noise level on city roads. Reinforced carcass construction and special elements on the sidewalls effectively protect the tire from damage. Thanks to its wide range of sizes, the Yokohama Geolandar X-MT tire is suitable for installation on tuning SUVs for extreme off-road conditions.

In particular, the tire sidewalls comprise a 3-layer polyester cord. Spiral winding without any seams and joints ensures a very tight arrangement of synthetic fibers. As a result, such a structure with extremely low weight has significant resistance to aggressive mechanical stress and elasticity at the same time. This not only increases the reliability of the tire but also makes it possible to use it with reduced internal pressure. A similar solution is applied in the belt, where in addition to 2 steel there are 3 polyester and 1 nylon cord.

Main features of Yokohama Geolandar M / T G005

- Rock Concept tread pattern with stone-shaped blocks provides excellent passability on difficult ground surfaces;

- the stepped profile of the blocks increases the stability of the adhesion properties;

- slits improve grip on wet surfaces;

- 3-layer polyester cord in the sidewalls and belt provides protection from damage, the ability to operate the tire with reduced pressure inside.


  • Extreme off-road capability
  • The confident grip on slippery surfaces
  • Comfort and low noise level on the roads


  • Prepared pickups, and SUVs

Main characteristics

  • Tread Design Concept - Rock Garden: Aggressive block design is responsible for extreme off-road performance
  • Wide lug grooves and grooves in the tread blocks
  • Side block design: a combination of tread blocks that transition to the shoulder area and extremely aggressive blocks on the tire sidewall


Rock Garden Tread Design

  • The natural stone image has been integrated into all tire elements from the tread to the sidewall. This allows you to effectively highlight the off-road capabilities of your vehicle.

Wide lug grooves and grooves in the tread blocks

  • Wide lug grooves provide extreme off-road flotation.
  • The grooves in the tread blocks are a key technology already proven in the GEOLANDAR A / T-S model.

Side block design

  • The sidewalls of the tires carry massive blocks of lugs that perfectly accentuate the gigantic dimensions of the off-road wheels. In addition to improving performance in deep mud and slippery rocks, this sidewall design also improves the overall off-road capability of the tire. Solid letters are also present on the sidewall of the tire. This style, unique to the GEOLANDAR range, underlines the extreme off-road tire image.

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