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The ADVAN Apex tire is Yokohama's flagship summer tire designed for high-performance, gambling-to-drive vehicles such as the BMW M3, Nissan GT-R, or Toyota Supra. These are the first tires officially approved for the USA. This means that the specialists of the Japanese company took into account the road conditions and requirements for the characteristics of tires, optimized the tread design, and adjusted the size range for the needs of sports car owners to offer the best possible street tire.

In theory, it is important to remember that there is no equally good tire for all operating conditions. A tire that offers high performance on snow will not perform as well on wet surfaces and provide maximum grip on dry roads. The main challenge for tire makers is to find the balance between the right rubber compound, tread design, and carcass components to achieve a specific combination of performance.

Introduced in 2019, the Yokohama ADVAN Apex V601 is an Ultra-High-Performance asymmetric passenger car tire that the manufacturer has dubbed the new flagship engineered and developed with the needs of the North American aftermarket in mind.

The Yokohama ADVAN Apex V601 is a new chapter in the history of the ADVAN line, combining decades of innovation. It, according to the developers, can provide incredibly confident driving for those who understand the value of performance, as it is based on the heritage of the ADVAN Sport V105 and AVS Sport models.

The Advan Apex V601 features an asymmetrical tread pattern for easy handling on wet and dry roads, as well as mechanical and acoustic comfort for ideal rides.

Wide blocks on the outside of the tread improve dry performance, explains a Shina Guide technician, while wide grooves on the inside maximize the Yokohama V601's wet grip. Variable pitch tread pattern reduces noise levels, offering a quiet and comfortable ride and also maximum grip.

High-quality microsilica in a rubber compound with a wide outer rib that is free from lateral grooves for perfect cornering at high speeds.

Three wide inner drain grooves improve the V601's wet performance, while a narrow outer groove dissipates heat generated by high side loads, thereby optimizing performance on dry asphalt with an improved control precision.

In the case of the Apex, traction and handling are top priorities. To this end, high-quality silica fume was added to the rubber compound, which improves traction, while wide shoulder blocks and reinforced sidewall structure provide maximum traction and confident passage of sharp high-speed turns. Also, the V601 quickly dissipates heat to help extend tread life. While not nearly as important as traction, engineers must consider these factors, as the Apex is a good option for car owners looking for long-lasting tires.

Yokohama Advan APEX V601 belongs to the premium line of models from the Japanese manufacturer. It features an asymmetric tread pattern that provides a high level of performance on wet and dry trails, as well as quiet, comfortable driving. In its rubber compound, the proportion of silica has been optimized, which has a beneficial effect on the maneuverability of the model.

Do not forget that the ADVAN Apex V601 is not a racing tire, but a civilian model capable of providing 110% of the performance. It is an ultra-high performance UHP civilian tire with a high abrasion index, which is popular with sports car owners traveling on city roads. Apex is what most people need, who don't need to prove anything, but who need tires that match their needs and the character of their car.

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