Nokian Wrg2 Suv

Durable SUV Non-Studded Winter tire that can be used all-year-round.


* Asymmetrical inside-out tread pattern
* Center rib features new 3D siping
* Innovative slush wedge and polished grooves force heavy slush and water aside
* Use of Purified oils in the manufacturing process
* New rubber compound made from cool silica and canola oil, reducing rolling resistance
* Nokian Tyres 50,000 Miles Treadwear Limited Warranty (excluding Z, W and Y speed rated)


* Easy to handle and stable to drive on all surfaces, even at high speeds
* Ensures superb grip in winter conditions
* For better handling and stability on wet and dry roads
* To prevent slush and aquaplaning
* Eliminate carcinogens that harm the environment
* Improve fuel efficiency

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