Maxxis Bravo Hp-m3

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  • Passenger Car/Minivan
  • Passenger Light Truck/SUV
  • Passenger SUV/CUV
  • All-Season (A/S)
  • High Performance (HP)

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Maxxis HP-M3 Bravo - all-season tires for SUVs

Maxxis BRAVO HP-M3 all-season tires with road tread pattern. The tires have asymmetrical (non-directional) tread which is preferred by a large number of car owners. The drawing received 4 deep longitudinal channels, thanks to which water from under the contact patch is removed instantly. Each of the stiffeners is equipped with a continuous structure with numerous sharp edges and transverse micro-slats. We can say that the tire with this pattern has the most balanced parameters of all. One of the main features of such a pattern is the ability to install a tire on any axle, which determines its versatility, in contrast to directional patterns.

The Maxxis HP-M3 Bravo tires offer superior handling, stability, and fuel efficiency. The tread has a significant depth (13 mm), due to which a long service life of the rubber is ensured and its traction and dynamic qualities are improved. The model is presented in standard sizes usual for SUVs - from R16 to R20.

Distinctive features of the model

Non-directional tread design

The high performance of all-season tires of the Maxis HP-M3 Bravo series is due to the special structure of the tread pattern. Three longitudinal ribs pass through its central part. They are formed from rigid rubber blocks separated by wedge-shaped drainage grooves. The tread ribs stabilize the directional stability of the car when driving along a straight trajectory, and also improve the quality of braking and acceleration dynamics.

Increased concentration of lamellas

Deep sipes are cut on the tread blocks, which create many traction edges in the contact patch. They are located at different angles relative to each other, which improves traction in both the longitudinal and transverse directions. Due to the increased depth, the sipes continue to function until the tires are completely worn out.

When driving on wet road surfaces, these elements provide additional protection against hydroplaning. Excess moisture is instantly removed from the contact patch through the sipes and the main drainage system. This allows you to drive safely in rainy and slushy weather without risking getting into an uncontrolled drift on the water film.

Cornering stability

One of the distinctive features of the tire is the increased width of the shoulder areas. These tread sections are made up of rectangular rubber blocks with pointed edges. When entering a corner, they create traction edges that prevent uncontrolled side skid.

Long service life

Due to the optimized shape of the contact patch, it was possible to significantly reduce the intensity of the physical wear of the tread. Dynamic loads are distributed in precise proportions between the blocks of the center and shoulder zones, thereby preventing uneven abrasion of the blocks.

Composition of the compound

The tire is made of a rubber compound with a carefully selected ratio of components, the main of which are rubber and silica. The unique composition of the compound gives the tire increased durability and the ability to withstand heavy loads. The rubber wears off evenly, which has a positive effect on increasing the operating period of the tire.


Good grip on the road, both on asphalt and on the ground.

Acceptable price tag, as well as workmanship - unbreakable!

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