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In this review, we are going to talk about all-season tires that will make your car sportier. What is a sports car? Of course, this is high handling, excellent acceleration dynamics, and short braking distances. And now, the most important thing: the tires in question are presented in the budget price segment. That is, they not only provide excellent driving quality but are also inexpensive.

Reasons to buy

Acceptable handling. The Lion Sport UHP is a summer tire that can be used in the cold season. Don't expect these tires to run smoothly on ice. Of course not, but on dry and wet roads these tires are great. This is not something you'd expect from an all-season tire, but good handling is felt right away, especially if all-season tires have also been used before.

Long-lasting resource. According to numerous reviews, these tires have a mileage of about 40,000 miles before replacement. The durability of tires is partly due to the composition of the rubber and partly to the design of the tires. For example, the top layer of the tread is hard, which prevents intense abrasion. The design feature of these tires is the uniform adherence of the tread to the road surface. Due to the uniform fit over the entire contact area, the protector wears out much longer.

Affordable price. It is clear that the price largely depends on the dealer, but somehow Lion Sport UHP will cost you less than similar tires from more well-known manufacturers. Probably the reason for the affordable price is that Lion Sport UHP tires are still little known outside of China. In any case, the affordable price does not mean the low quality of the product.

Driving comfort. Still, think all-season tires are noisy? Think correctly, all-season tires are noisy and Lion Sport UHP is rather an exception to the rule. These tires are surprisingly quiet and not so much outside as inside the cabin. It's all about the tread, the inner layer of which is made of flexible porous rubber, which absorbs vibrations arising from the contact of the tire with the road. As a result, the noise from these tires in the cabin is no more than when using good summer tires.

Fast acceleration. It is not for nothing that these tires were named Lion Sport UHP, and not otherwise. The car, thanks to these tires, acquires sporty acceleration dynamics. The dynamic acceleration is especially felt when driving on dry roads.

Short braking distances. As with acceleration dynamics, short braking distances are made possible by good traction. And as you know, a short braking distance is the ability to stop in time, which means driving safely.

Operation at high speeds. Budget and even more all-season tires cannot withstand operation at high speeds. Due to overheating, budget tires at high speeds wear out faster and even break down. Of course, the driving quality is also poor. With the Lion Sport UHP, the situation is completely different, these are sports tires that can withstand speeds up to 150 mi / h for a long time. In any case, you will not notice much difference in the operation of these tires in comparison with good summer tires.

Sporty design. It just so happened, but the sporty design is now very fashionable, and therefore automakers are trying to make cars look as sporty as possible. But even if your car doesn't look like a sports car, Lion Sport UHP tires will make it look even sportier.

And what about the all-season operation

Do not deceive yourself and refer to the Lion Sport UHP is an all-season tire. No, these are all-around tires and are preferred in temperate regions where there are no extremely hot summers and no harsh winters.

As the temperature rises or falls, tread wear increases proportionally. One more thing, like most Lion Sport UHP all-season tires, they are not designed for ice riding. As a last resort, if the winter is harsh and you certainly intend to use these particular tires, we recommend that you additionally buy snow chains on the drive wheels. This feature should not be viewed as a disadvantage, since there is not a single model of all-season tires that ride and handle in winter as well as special winter tires.

In summer, the situation is more optimistic, as Lion Sport UHP is not much inferior to ordinary summer tires. This is partly due to the low tread height, and partly, to the special rubber composition. The rubber used to cast the tread at a high temperature retains its rigidity, while it becomes elastic with decreasing temperature. What was previously perceived as fantastic, today, thanks to modern technologies, has become a reality, and Lion Sport UHP is another confirmation of this!

About materials and design features

All-season tire designers face a major challenge - finished products have to be tough in summer mi, and in winter they must remain elastic. In this case, in the summer the tread will not be excessively abraded, and in the winter the tire will not crack from frost. Each manufacturer solves this problem in its way, for example, Lion Sport UHP adds silicon dioxide and special resins to the rubber, which provide the necessary performance properties.

Another point - the tire manufacturer Lion Sport UHP uses an intermediate porous layer for casting the tread. As a result, as the tread wears out, the pores open and the adhesion to the road surface increases significantly. As a result, the Lion Sport UHP demonstrates acceptable handling even when completely worn out. By the way, when the tread is worn, these tires handle better on packed snow and ice.

The Lion Sport UHP construction uses a nylon casing that, on the one hand, makes the tires lighter, and on the other hand, makes them more balanced. A balanced tire is, first of all, less rolling resistance. Because of this, fuel is consumed more economically without compromising the driving performance of the vehicle. In addition, balanced tires mean no need for balancing and visiting tire services.

In addition to the nylon carcass, the tire is reinforced with metal belts, which, on the one hand, reinforce the tire, and on the other hand, keep the central rib configuration constant. By the way, it is this technology that ensures a uniform pressure of the tire against the road over the entire area of ​​the contact patch.

To whom we recommend

Lion Sport UHP tires, when properly selected, are a great option for most passenger cars. If the rim diameter matches the rim diameter, it will be possible to buy such rubber for an urban crossover. That is, in terms of compatibility with transport, there will be no difficulties of choice. In terms of design, these tires are generally versatile, as they will look great on both modern and classic cars. In short, the design is neutral.

With operation and climatic conditions, everything is a little more complicated, and as previously mentioned, it is advisable to buy these tires for regions with a temperate climate. In other words, if where you live the temperature rarely rises in summer and does not drop in winter, these tires are what you need!

Tire Info

  • Passenger Car/Minivan
  • All-Season (A/S)
  • Directional
  • Symmetrical
  • Ultra High Performance (UHP)

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