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HANKOOK W330 Winter I * Cept evo3 is a winter tire with a directional symmetrical tread pattern. The model belongs to the "ultra-high performance" segment and is specially designed for mild winter conditions. The ultra-high performance tire Winter I * Cept evo3 for passenger cars follows in the footsteps of its successful predecessor, the Winter I * Cept evo2, which was used as original equipment by many European premium car manufacturers.

“The HANKOOK W330 Winter I * Cept evo3 is a range of winter tires, created by our development engineers, with a wide range of characteristics that respond especially well to changing and extremely difficult winter weather conditions,” said Mr. Sanghoon Lee, President of Hankook Tire Europe. "Therefore, we are confident that this model will meet the high expectations of our customers, including in terms of modern driving concepts."

The winter series Winter I * Cept evo3 (W330) has been specially developed to equip powerful high-speed cars. The reinforced carcass structure provides excellent ride stability, while the high-strength bead ring ensures an optimal position on the rim. Combined with a wide tire shoulder and special block design, this improves steering response and traction when cornering, as well as optimizes handling on dry roads.

The manufacturer claims that this development is focused not only on changing weather conditions but also on the requirements for hybrid and electric vehicles. This is due to the fact that in the future, world carmakers are planning to equip their cars with winter UHP tires from Hankook directly on the assembly line.

The main innovations of the HANKOOK W330 Winter I * Cept evo3:

For the first time, HANKOOK engineers have chosen a directional tread pattern for a flagship winter tire. This solution not only provides excellent grip when driving on snow but also effectively reduces the risk of aquaplaning.

“Changes in winter weather conditions are due to climate change. Thus, mild temperatures alternate with a sudden onset of winter bringing frost and snow, while dry days are unexpectedly interrupted by heavy rains, ”says Klaus Krause, head of the European Technical Center in Hannover, Germany. Even wet leaves on the road surface can quickly create hazardous road conditions. As such, using the right tires during the cold season and matching their performance to all winter weather conditions becomes even more important for responsible drivers. “The highlight of the third I * Cept Evo series is hidden in the tread compound. In addition to natural resins, special additives are also used to ensure consistent elasticity, especially at low temperatures, while significantly improving wet grip, ”continues Krause.

This is also evidenced by the latest winter tire test from Europe's leading automotive magazine. In issue # 38, dated 17 September 2020, Auto Bild tested a total of 56 tires in size 245/45 R18 100V on a BMW 5 Series. In the end, only six tire treads were unconditionally recommended and received the highest "exemplary" rating, including the Winter I * Cept evo3 from Hankook.

The HANKOOK W330 winter tire is well adapted to winter conditions thanks to technical innovations, especially with regard to the rubber compound used. The use of natural resins of coniferous trees provides the necessary elasticity over a very wide temperature range, prevents hardening, and thus helps to improve grip on winter and wet roads due to the increased elasticity of the tire contact surface. Combined with the directional tread pattern, the grip on snow and wet roads are further optimized. Increasing the width of the two main drainage grooves of the V-shaped tread pattern by 20% more effectively removes the snow/water mixture. This plays an important role in further reducing the risk of aquaplaning. Braking distances on wet roads are also reduced by 10% and on snowy roads by as much as 7% compared to the tread pattern of the previous model. In addition to natural resins, the tire contains highly dispersed silica, enriched with other additives that improve grip on the road surface. The optimal ratio of positive and negative profiles in the tread pattern enhances the characteristics of the Winter I * Cept evo3 for use in a wide variety of mild winter road conditions.

In addition to a tread compound that is characterized by a high degree of grip, the additionally optimized positioning of the three-dimensional sipes in combination with the directional tread pattern ensures reliable traction and lateral stability on snowy roads. The snow grip characteristics of the tire are supported by an increased number of ice ax tread block edges that effectively trap snow.

The minimum block mobility, achieved by further optimizing the position and design of the three-dimensional sipes, has a positive effect on tire wear and also provides a high level of driving stability. The increased corner radius also improves overall handling characteristics.

You can buy HANKOOK W330 Winter I * Cept evo3 tires in the Bai Wheels online store. A large number of standard sizes for rims with a landing diameter from 17 to 21 inches will allow you to choose tires for almost any car. Depending on the height of the profile and the composition of the rubber compound, the W330 model has a speed index of H (130mi / h), V (135mi / h), or W (170mi/ h).

Features of the tread pattern of the HANKOOK W330 Winter I * Cept evo3:

Additional grooves for increased grip on snow

Lateral V-grooves evacuate snow in all directions to help when driving on snowy roads.

3D slats

Three-dimensional sipes on the tread edge improve braking performance in winter conditions. These special sipes provide increased stability while minimizing block movement.

Drainage grooves

Drainage grooves located on the inner side of the shoulder blocks improve wet traction by effectively wicking moisture away from the contact patch.

Rubber compound Aqua Pine

The use of highly cleaned resin maximizes grip on wet and snowy roads.

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