Falken Azenis Fk-453

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Summer Ultra High Performance Passenger Car tire. Available in a Wide Array of Sizes from 17-inch to 22-inch Rim Diameters. Fitments include Popular Staggered Applications making this tire Suitable for High-End Vehicles.


* Asymmetric variable tread design with large outside shoulder blocks
* Silica enriched compound
* Three wide circumferential grooves
* Rigid carcass
* Steel belts
* Advanced joint-less cap ply


* Provide enhanced cornering and better braking traction while reducing tire noise
* Provides superior traction and grip for those seeking ultra high performance
* Effectively evacuate water and significantly improve hydroplaning resistance for outstanding wet handling
* Retains the tire profile during some of the most extreme driving conditions, helping to improve high speed stability and handling
* Offer greater tread rigidity, superior grip and high speed stability
* Increases durability at high speed and promotes long-lasting even wear

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