Yokohama Advan A052

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The ADVAN A052 is a Yokohamas extreme performance summer tire designed for drivers who participate in high-performance driving schools, autocross, and open track events with their road vehicles and want the highest DOT approved performance from Yokohamas. The ADVAN A052 is not intended to be serviced, stored, or operated in temperatures near or below freezing, through snow, or on ice. When it is necessary to finish first, the ADVAN A052® with competition silencer is your race with extreme performance The summer jacket already offers a grip that defies physics, makes a statement on the road, and stands out from the track. Profile design for extreme grip. Resurface through the profile, create more contact with the road. Notches in the outboard micro-groove improve cooling for durability and consistency when used on the rail. Resistance to aquaplaning. A carcass consisting of two layers of nylon cord carries two wide steel belts under the profile and contributes to precise and responsive handling. Two layers of spiral wound nylon reinforcement improve durability at high speed and further promote the expected steering response of a track-grade tire. Important care and usage instructions: Important care and usage instructions: ADVAN A052 was developed using high-performance compounds that become brittle at low temperatures and should therefore not be used under certain conditions. Temperatures of -10 ° C or higher to maintain the performance characteristics and to avoid damage to the tire or injury to people or property.

  1. Adjusting the Hill Profile To control the contact tension of each block. Stability within the Overspeed range
  2. Two straight grooves Find 2 primary grooves right inside Enhances the stability of the direct line and advanced anti-aquaplaning.
  3. Through the arrangement of 2 primary grooves on the inside, we can see the enlargement of the contact point from the outside. Providing effective turning ability.
  4. Straight thin groove Position of a directly thin groove within the outer component where high stresses occur in the corner. Use heat effectively to prevent the fall of time.

ADVAN A052 maintains each excessive riding overall performance and environmental overall performance at an excessive stage.

The dealing with overall performance is excellent. As nicely as a Pro-driver, it's far appropriate for absolutely everyone who needs to revel in motorsports.

Tire properties

Asymmetrical tread pattern

Unparalleled grip in wet and dry conditions.

Profile rib with high rigidity

Two outer profile ribs expand the contact area and offer powerful cornering.

Handle and BluEarth

Technology for fuel efficiency, specially designed for the A052.

Slim straight grooves dissipate heat and avoid falling time.

The Yokohama Advan A052 is a UHP Extreme Performance sports tire specially designed for the enthusiast looking to get the most out of civilian tires. The special sports rubber compound, and tread design for even distribution of heat and pressure.


- High performance on a dry track

- Incomparable performance of handling and control

- Unrivaled cornering stability

- Excellent wet and dry grip combined with excellent rolling resistance and external noise

Main characteristics:

- Asymmetric tread pattern with reinforced shoulder areas

- New rubber compound specially developed for the A052

Compared with ADVAN NEOVA AD08R, we advise ADVAN A050 to the extra circuit-orientated users.

Important Care and Usage Instructions: The ADVAN A052 become evolved the usage of excessive-overall performance compounds which end up brittle at low temperatures, and consequently ought to now no longer be utilized in sure conditions. ADVAN A052 tires as a consequence should be saved or used handiest at temperatures at or above 14°F (-10°C) to hold overall performance traits and to keep away from any harm to the tire or damage to people or property.

Positive - Forgiving most mistakes, finest cornering grip, excellent moist grip.

  • What was Liked: The grip withinside the dry and the moist is monumental.

Negative - Expensive, excessive wear, no longer designed for heavy rain.

  • What could be Improved: The steerage is a touch indistinct and unnatural.

Overall - Similar dealing with to the Trofeo R, however very newbie pleasant because it forgives over driving. The A052 won't require a sturdy warmup, and it continues its height grip for two-three laps earlier than settling into its race pace.

  • Conclusion: Still leads the class at the track.

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