Toyo Proxes St III

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  • Passenger Light Truck/Pick-up
  • Passenger Light Truck/SUV
  • Passenger SUV/CUV
  • All-Season (A/S)
  • Directional
  • High Performance (HP)
  • Symmetrical

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The Toyo Proxes S / T III tire, like the previous generation model, is designed for high-performance crossovers and SUVs that operate exclusively on paved roads. It belongs to the UHP category and demonstrates most of its advantages at high speed. Compared to the previous model, this tire has improved wet braking performance and dry handling.

This tire features a directional tread pattern and a striking sporty design.

Modified tread pattern

Conceptually, this model is not too different from its predecessor. Japanese tire makers preferred not to abandon the V-shaped tread pattern, but at the same time, they completely reworked it creating it anew. One of the key differences is the lack of smooth bends typical of the previous generation tire tread pattern. In addition, the blocks have significantly increased in size, becoming much stiffer and more resistant to deformation. All changes are caused by the desire to maximize the speed of transmission of longitudinal and lateral accelerations to the power elements of the tire carcass. This improved its stability and stability when driving at high speed.

Zip-shaped drainage grooves

One of the most significant innovations in the tire tread design is the longitudinal drainage grooves in the center section. They have a complex zigzag shape, and their width becomes larger as you move towards the shoulder areas. In addition, the grooves are located at an acute angle relative to the direction of movement, which, in combination with other features, significantly accelerates the process of removing water from the contact patch. The result of this solution is the increased aquaplaning resistance of the tire. This effect manifests itself at a speed noticeably faster than that of the previous generation model.

Arrow blocks in the center

No less than the drainage grooves, there are sharp corners in the blocks that form a longitudinal rib, running exactly in the center of the tread. These elements have an arrow-shaped shape and are interconnected by a rigid bridge that limits their mobility relative to each other. On contact with the road surface, such a rib forms a plurality of additional edges. Positioned at different angles, they noticeably increase traction on slippery roads, and in addition provide directional stability and stability when driving at high speeds. It is also worth noting the presence of special triangular grooves in the tread center blocks. These elements additionally dry out the contact patch, thereby improving grip on wet surfaces.

Parallelogram blocks

Complex geometries are used in other areas of the tread as well. In particular, the longitudinal ribs adjacent to the shoulder regions are composed of massive parallelogram-shaped blocks. They are directed along and are located at a slight angle relative to the axis of rotation of the wheel. This solution made it possible to improve grip on dry surfaces, and when driving on it at high speed - directional stability. It also makes the tire's steering response even faster and more precise.

3D Multiwave slats

3D sipes in the shoulder areas of the tread limit block movement during braking and acceleration. This improves the transmission of braking and traction forces and reduces uneven wear.

Key features of Toyo Proxes S / T III crossover tire

- completely redesigned tread pattern provides the tire with increased efficiency when braking on a wet surface and handling on a dry surface;

- Zigzag drainage grooves improve aquaplaning resistance;

- arrow-shaped blocks in the center with triangular notches provide more reliable grip on wet surfaces;

- blocks in the form of a parallelogram improve directional stability, as well as give the tire increased stability when maneuvering and driving at high speed

The Proxes ST 3 tread design is based on three images: an arrowhead (to increase directional stability and improve wet traction), a lightning bolt (to speed up water drainage from the contact area), and, oddly enough, the wings of a Stealth fighter ( beveled blocks, created in their likeness, are less susceptible to deformation during emergency braking, and as a result, the tire has better contact with the road surface), which in general provides the tires with an impressive sports "exterior".

Design features

The directional, computer-simulated tire design ensures the perfect balance of performance in all summer weather, says a Shina.Guide technician. The applied technological improvement "Acoustic surface" by minimizing the effect of cavity resonance contributes to an increase in driving comfort.

Multi-contour slots in the shoulder blocks of the tire not only improve the reliability of the contact of Toyo Proxes ST 3 with the roadway but also prevent uneven wear of the tread and contribute to ensuring quiet (as far as possible) movement.

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