Summit Ultrex Tour ASR

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Summit ULTREX TOUR ASR is a HP asymmetric summer tire for high-performance coupes, sedans, and compact cars. They are manufactured in Thailand and are intended for the North American market. New for 2019.

Summit's ULTREX TOUR ASR tire belongs to the category: High-Performance Summer and was designed for drivers of sports cars, sports coupes, and performance sedans, who are looking for responsive handling and reliable traction in hot, dry, and wet conditions. Like all Ultra-High-Performance Summer tires, the ULTREX TOUR ASR was not designed to be repaired, stored, or used in temperatures close to freezing or surfaces with ice or snow.

The Summit ULTREX TOUR ASR tire replaces the HTR Z3, which is superior in ride comfort, handling, and braking performance on wet and dry roads. At the same time, the acoustic comfort and resistance to lateral aquaplaning remained at the level of its predecessor, is manufactured at Summit Rubber Industries in Thailand and is already available in the US market in 54 sizes from R17 to R20 and is approved for speeds up to 186 mph.

The ULTREX TOUR ASR outperforms the previous HTR Z3 in areas such as ride comfort, braking on dry and wet asphalt, and handling on wet roads, and also matches the HTR Z3 in noise, dry response, and lateral aquaplaning.

Tread pattern TRAIL CLIMBER A/W

The main advantage of the model is high reliability at an affordable price and excellent segment coverage.

To this end, Summit engineers widened the annular grooves to speed up water drainage and increased the contact patch area to ensure even pressure distribution to prevent uneven wear and improve performance. The wide nylon belt of the tire, in turn, improves driving stability at high speeds, while the high-strength steel cord and reinforced sidewall enhance the tire's ride stability and safety.

An aggressive summer rubber compound, it is molded in a five-segment asymmetric pattern. A continuous center segment aids stability and improves response when turning the wheel, while solid shoulders increase lateral grip. Grooves in the middle and middle segment, combined with the tread rubber compound, improve traction on wet surfaces. Four wide circumferential channels and lateral grooves evacuate stagnant water from the area of contact with the road, to increase the resistance to sliding on water (hydroplaning).


  •     A full-width nylon band improves high-speed stability
  •     High-rigidity steel belts optimizing durability and stability
  •     Hard apex strengthens sidewall for exceptional cornering stiffness

The internal construction of the ULTREX TOUR ASR features a two-layer polyester structure supporting two high-rigidity steel belts. A side-to-side reinforcement layer of nylon improves stability when driving at high speeds and reinforcements in the bead or rim wire strengthen the sidewall for improved maneuverability.

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