Summit Hp Radial Trac II

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The Summit HP RADIAL TRAC II, introduced in 2019, is a lightweight touring tire designed for year-round use. They are characterized by high ride comfort, reliable grip in all weather and road conditions, good resistance to aquaplaning, and optimal fuel consumption.

The Summit HP RADIAL TRAC II is an all-season touring tire that offers a comfortable ride in a variety of road conditions. Optimized tread stiffness distribution provides improved dry performance. The inclusion of silica and unique polymers in the rubber compound has increased the level of wet grip. The use of super microscopic carbon black particles in the compound using Ultra Micro Carbon Technology has increased the wear resistance and service life of tires. Finally, the integration of innovative technologies ensures increased acoustic ride comfort and a smoother ride.

Summit HP RADIAL TRAC II is the Japanese brand's second-generation HTR Enhance tire, which also includes the HTR Enhance CX2 (for SUVs) and HTR Enhance WX2 (passenger cars).

Summit has launched three new all-season tires, the Summit HP RADIAL TRAC II and Summit HTR Enhance WX2 passenger cars, and the Summit HTR Enhance CX2, designed for SUVs.

The Summit HP RADIAL TRAC II is a touring category and has been optimized to provide improved ride quality with extended service life. In addition, the developers have paid particular attention to reducing the risk of aquaplaning for maximum safety on wet roads.

All new tires carry the M + S mark, which should confirm their suitability for use throughout the year, including on a surface covered with snow. Three models will be available in over 80 sizes.

Features & Benefits

  • The multiple steel belt design in addition to the nylon cap improves the uniform load distribution
  • The new reinforced bead apex ply for sidewall stiffness will improve the cornering overall strength
  • The optimized central area provides a crisp steering effect and even more enhanced braking capabilities.

Wide circumferential grooves can move the water quickly and prevent water skiing; the serrated grooves improve traction in winter/winter, and the variable width shoulder pad design can reduce road noise and improve comfort.

The solid continuous center rib is located on the full-width seamless nylon cover to secure the belt and optimize stability. The solid heel apex supports increased stiffness and strength of the sidewalls under load, while the double steel strap enhances the durability and strength of the shell.

HP RADIAL TRAC II  said that the high-pressure carcass layer improves the stability of the tread. The HP RADIAL TRAC II  also has a black solid lettering sidewall design, which "can increase aesthetic appeal and provide a stylish, eye-catching appearance", HP RADIAL TRAC II  said.


  •  Good wet/dry traction performance and handling capacity
  •  Low noise level
  •  Cost value


  •  Ice traction and hard packing
  •  General idea

Summit HP RADIAL TRAC II  is well suited for all-purpose grade truck stations / off-road in the second line of tires roads. In addition to braking / accelerating on ice in a hard and soft package, it also performs well overall. The lowest cost value makes it ideal for new tires.

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