Starmaxx Tolero St330

Starmaxx Tolero St330

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Summer Passenger Vehicle Tire.


* Computer simulated block array
* Circumferential center rib
* Stiff shoulder blocks
* Three or four grooves (depending on size of tire)
* Partial silica tread compound (Fine Silica Technology)
* Jointless 0 degree spiral nylon cover and wide steel belts
* Jointless mono-strand bead wire and hard bead filler


* Minimizes road noise and enhances driving comfort
* Improves handling and braking performance
* Enable exceptional cornering performance at high speeds and provide resistance to irregular wear
* Provide excellent water drainage and reduce the risk of aquaplaning significantly
* Provides high handling performance on dry and wet road conditions
* Improves uniformity for durability, tread wear and a smoother ride
* Improve lateral stability in high speed cornering and uniformity for smoother ride

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