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  • Commercial Truck/Bus.
  • All-Season (A/S)
  • All Position
  • Long-Haul Service
  • On/Off Highway Service
  • Radial
  • Regional Service
  • Steer
  • Symmetrical
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In this review, we will tell you about LLF02 steering tires designed for long-haul tractors.

There are a lot of tires on sale with a similar purpose. Why this particular model? There are many reasons, but, above all, these tires are characterized by increased wear resistance. Plus, they are truly all-season. And finally, it is these tires that demonstrate the optimal combination of price and quality.

But first things first.

About the manufacturer

Model LLF02 is manufactured by the Chinese company Shandong Roadone March Tire Co., Ltd. This tire model has been produced since 2017 and is an independent development. That is, if most brands from China simply copy the tires of Western brands, Roadone Tire has developed everything from scratch but using the world's most advanced technologies.

Roadone LLF02 tires are presented in the budget price category. It would seem, what is the reason to sell high-quality products cheaply? It turns out that there is nothing strange in this since Roadone Tire is presented on the western market relatively recently and is interested in attracting a western buyer. And how to attract a buyer, if not with affordable prices and high-quality products?

By the way, about the manufacturer. Roadone Tire has been in the Asian market since the 70s. Today the company is one of the five largest Chinese tire manufacturers and the top twenty in the world!

The company's production facilities are located in China and Taiwan. Tire production is equipped with modern equipment, which made it possible to automate most of the work processes. In addition, the company has strict quality control of finished products. This, combined with production automation, minimizes the likelihood of a factory defect. Now that we know all the most important about the manufacturer, let's return to the tires. And let's start with the main characteristics.

Main characteristics

Model: LLF02

  • Brand: Roadone.
  • Price segment: budget.
  • Location: front axle.
  • Purpose: for commercial medium and large-tonnage vehicles.
  • Features of operation: main cargo transportation on asphalt roads with a good even surface.
  • Seasonality: all-season / all-weather.
  • Sealing method: tubeless.
  • Tread type: symmetrical non-directional.
  • Design features a frame of radial weaving and reinforcement with metal belts.
  • Tread height: 14.5 mm.
  • Maximum long-term speed: (L / M) 100 mph.
  • Maximum load on a single wheel: 8500 lb.

Tread and running characteristics

LLF02 is a long-haul truck tire. This is why the tire construction is designed with an emphasis on high abrasion resistance. In addition, these tires are steering tires, and therefore they are made in such a way as to provide the highest possible directional stability, both when driving in a straight line and when cornering.

How did the manufacturer achieve these qualities? It's all about the materials from which the protector is molded. And of course, the reason is in the tread design.

In the manufacture of the tread, a rubber compound is used, which includes over 20 ingredients.

The result is a thermosetting rubber that exhibits the same ductility at both high and low temperatures.

While most all-season tires soften and wear out quickly in the heat, things are a little different in the LLF02 model. The tread stays tight in the heat and does not lose its elasticity in winter. This is exactly the quality that most all-season tires lack.

The tread pattern is also important. Four wide and deep longitudinal channels provide the very same directional stability. That is, if the wheels are straight and the driver takes their hands off the steering wheel, the truck will continue to drive straight and will not be driven to the side. Of course, the above is relevant provided that there is complete order from the chassis of the truck.

Diagonal grooves that run across the center rib of the tire provide additional traction. Moreover, these grooves channel rainwater or slush away from the tire-to-road patch. Therefore LLF02 guarantees good handling of trucks on wet roads.

Attention! Almost all modern Roadone Tire truck tires have a self-cleaning function from rubble stuck in the tread grooves. This is a very important advantage, since small stones, once in the tread, gradually destroy it, and then destroy the tire itself. Thanks to the self-cleaning function, stones are thrown out of the tread when the wheel is rotating already at a speed of 65 mph.

Design features

The durability of tires is ensured not only by the tread and its self-cleaning function. First of all, the reliability of tires depends on the design, namely on the carcass and on the reinforcing elements.

Like all Roadone Tire truck tires, the LLF02 is a radial carcass. I must say that this type of frame and is considered the most reliable. This is a time-tested technology that surpasses the diagonal type frame in several operational parameters. The only characteristic drawback of the technology is the greater weight of the finished tire. However, the difference in weight between radial and bias tires is not so great as to be critical for trucks.

In addition to the radial carcass, the tire structure is reinforced with metal longitudinally arranged belts. These belts keep the shape of the tire, regardless of the load. In addition, due to the metal belts, the tire demonstrates resistance to mechanical damage. These tires do not deteriorate when suddenly hitting speed bumps or hitting a pothole in the road.

And the main advantage of this design is the uniform adherence of the tread to the road surface. As a result, the tread wears evenly and the tire lasts much longer than other all-season tires.

LLF02 is designed to dissipate heat efficiently. Therefore, during prolonged operation at high speeds, these tires do not overheat, which has a positive effect on the resource.

Fuel economy

Many truck tire manufacturers claim to be economical. We do not know if this is so, but LLF02 does reduce fuel consumption by about 15%, provided that tires from the same manufacturer are installed on the drive and trailer wheels.

How is this advantage achieved? It's all about the balanced design so that the tires do not impede rolling. Considering the daily mileage of long-haul trucks, the savings appear to be substantial. And if you add to this the relatively low cost of the tires themselves, the savings are even more attractive.

Manufacturer's warranty

When it comes to choosing and purchasing tires for a long-distance truck, first of all, their reliability and durability are taken into account. As mentioned earlier, due to the design features, LLF02 tires are quite reliable and durable. Another confirmation of the reliability of these tires is the manufacturer's warranty. Roadone Tire gives its tires a warranty of up to 5 years or 80 thousand kilometers.


All that was said earlier is the obvious benefits of LLF02 tires. Are there any disadvantages?

Perhaps there are drawbacks, but to be honest, we did not notice them. However, there is still one drawback. Outside Asian countries, there is not a Roadone Tire official in every city.

Therefore, you may have to buy tires from random suppliers. In this case, prices will not be as attractive as those of an authorized dealer. Again, when purchasing LLF02 tires from third-party sellers, check if they are covered by the manufacturer's warranty or not.

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