Nitto Nt421q

All-Season Passenger SUV / CUV tire.


* Unique and stylish asymmetric tread design
* Advanced siping technologies, all-season rubber compound and water evacuating circumferential grooves
* Unique rubber inserts in the shoulders
* Easy-to-read wear indicators
* Nitto's Quiet Serration Technology embedded in the groove of the tire and variable pitch tread blocks
* 75,000 Mile (H/V speed rated sizes) Mileage Warranty
* 60,000 Mile (W speed rated sizes) Mileage Warranty


* Delivers all season traction
* Confident driving through rain, shine, or even light snow
* Provide a balance of added sidewall strength while delivering smooth ride comfort
* Provides an early alert for irregular wear and possible issues with vehicle alignment for greater tread mileage
* Reduces road noise for a quieter, more comfortable ride

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