Linglong D960

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  • Commercial Truck/Bus.
  • All-Season (A/S)
  • Highway Service
  • Mixed Service
  • Radial
  • Regional Service
  • Tubeless

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In this review, we will talk about tires for commercial vehicles - medium-duty trucks and buses. In principle, there is no shortage of such tires on the market. But we will tell you about those tires that combine versatility, excellent driving performance, and an affordable price.

So, in this review, we are talking about Linglong D960.

Main characteristics

Model: D960

Brand: Linglong

Manufacturer: Shandong Linglong Tire Co., Ltd

Country: China

Price segment: budget

Tire type: for driving wheels

Purpose: for commercial medium-duty vehicles

Features of operation: highways, roads with a dense surface

Seasonality: all-season / all-weather

Sealing method: tubeless

Tread type: symmetrical non-directional

Design features: frame of radial weaving and reinforcement with metal belts

Tread height: 20/32

Maximum long-term speed: 90 mi / h

Maximum wheel load: 6000 lb

Features of operation

Linglong D960 tires are specially designed for installation in medium-duty commercial vehicles. The tires are designed to be mounted on drive wheels. It is allowed to use this model of tires on both single and double wheels.

The purpose of the Linglong D960 model is because this rubber is capable of creating an optimal grip on the road surface. On the other hand, it should be borne in mind that due to the peculiarities of the tread pattern, these tires do not have optimal handling and are not suitable for installation on steering wheels.

Due to the nature of the tread, which is designed for maximum traction, it is not recommended to install these tires on trailed wheels. The fact is that such a tread on wheels without a driver will create additional friction and, as a result, resistance to rolling.

Thanks to the tread efficiency and the peculiarities of the rubber compound composition, the D960 is truly all-weather and can be used with equal success both in summer and winter and even in the off-season. Thanks to the effective tread design and due to the reinforcement of the sidewalls, these tires can be used not only on asphalt roads but also on unpaved surfaces, which is more than relevant about commercial vehicles used in remote regions without modern road infrastructure.

All-weather operation

It is believed that all-season tires are an ineffective solution since they do not ride well either in winter or summer and even more so not in the off-season. Perhaps this is true, but not in the case of the Linglong D960. These tires provide sufficient traction to pull medium-duty trucks or buses, not only on dry roads but even on packed snow and ice.

It is clear that in icy conditions such tires, as well as all all-season tires, will not provide good grip. But that is why it is ice, and in such cases, it is preferable to use snow chains, which will exclude wheel slippage. However, let's not forget that this tire model is designed for driving wheels, and therefore the requirements for all-weather operation are only in the absence of slippage. Otherwise, there are no serious requirements, like those that apply to steering tires.


Since the Linglong D960 is designed for commercial vehicles, a lot of attention is paid to the practicality of the application. The practicality of the application, in turn, is determined by the durability of the tires. And imagine, Linglong D960 is all right with that!

Thanks to the use of thermosetting rubber during the tread molding, the tire lasts 1.5-2 times longer than other available all-season tires. The meaning of the technology is that the compound used for casting the tread retains similar parameters of elasticity, both at plus and at minus temperatures. As a result, in the summer, the tread does not float and does not wear out faster than necessary, as it happens with cheap all-seasons. And in winter, the tread on these tires does not tan or crack.

By the way, about durability. Linglong Tire provides a 30-50 thousand miles warranty on its tires. When it comes to consumables, which tires are in fact, this is a very good guarantee. And, of course, such a guarantee can only be given by the manufacturer who is sure that the tires are of high quality and will not fail before the warranty period.

Design features

Linglong D960 is a tubeless tire. Therefore, to ensure sufficient tightness, the manufacturer uses bead rings of increased rigidity. These rings press the tires so tightly against the rim that there can be no air leakage under any circumstances.

Since the tire is designed for commercial vehicles engaged in regional transportation, it is highly resistant to mechanical deformation. A simple example - a truck is parked to unload an airplane relative to the curb and rubs the sidewall against this curb. If there was no effective reinforcement, the tire would have received scuffs and cuts.

In Linglong D960, in addition to reinforcing the sidewalls, the central rib is reinforced, for this, longitudinally located metal belts are used. This reinforcement protects the tire from frontal deformations in the form of tears when hitting speed bumps and pits on the roads.

To make it clear why all this is being done - statistics on the use of Linglong D960 tires for more than 3 years show that none of these tires has a hernia and there were no ruptures that led to depressurization. Agree, this is an important advantage in terms of rubber equipment for commercial vehicles.

Value for money

It is believed that everything inexpensive by default cannot be of high quality. What about the Linglong D960 tires?

Indeed, these tires are much cheaper than most similar tires. Are the D960 bad tires? No, Linglong D960 is a high-quality product, and its affordable price is largely due to the manufacturer's lack of popularity.

Linglong Tire is the largest car tire manufacturer in China. The range of the manufacturer is wide and includes many product names for a wide variety of vehicle categories. The problem is that until recently this manufacturer worked exclusively for the Asian market.

Starting in 2017, the company began promoting its products in the western market. But since the brand was not known to Western consumers, extreme measures had to be taken to attract buyers. First, we had to raise the quality level higher than that of most Chinese brands. And besides, I had to offer a price lower than the price of similar tires from other manufacturers.

But despite the affordable price at which Linglong tires are sold, the enterprises of this brand use modern equipment, progressive technologies, and the best materials. By the way, to understand the level of quality of modern Linglong tires, we note that the company's production facilities are almost completely automated. People in the enterprise perform those operations on which the quality of the result does not depend.

As a result, the quality of these tires, despite the affordable price, is consistently high, and this is an obvious reason for buying them.

Let's summarize

Who can we recommend Linglong D960 tires to? First of all, we recommend them to practical buyers who need quality tires for trucks and buses, but without overpayment. If you belong to this category of buyers, this tire model is for you. And finally, we note that these tires, at a low price, really provide excellent grip, regardless of weather conditions.

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