Kumho Ecsta Ast Ku25

Kumho Ecsta Ast Ku25

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All-Season High Performance Passenger Car tire. The perfect choice for Plus-Size Fitments on Imported and Domestic Passenger Sedans.


* Directional tread design
* Advanced belt package design is constructed using high tensile steel belt & jointless nylon cap ply
* Ultra hard bead filler
* All-season tread compound
* Specially-designed jointless high strength bead wire
* Shoulder blocks feature a sharp leading edge and a rounded trailing edge
* Rim Protector in the lower sidewall


* Assuring high speed stability
* Maximizes lateral grip and high speed stability
* To improve wear resistance and ride comfort
* Increases load capacity and minimizes road surface vibration
* Helps prevent heel and toe wear and increases wet and snow traction by cutting through ice and water film
* Safeguards wheel against scratches and abrasions

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