Hero Milanza Hz1

Hero Milanza Hz1

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Ultra High Performance tire developed with Racing Tire Technology for the Most Demanding Cars and Drivers.


* Latest tire technology - TTIC
* Refinded sidewall design
* M.P.O. (Magnified Performance Optimization)
* Three radius tread arc
* Flange protector
* Steel sidewall and belts
* Opti-Noise Technology
* Aggressive uni-directional tread pattern
* Unique shoulder block design


* For smoothness, speed and safety
* Highlights the elegant style of the tire
* For consistent performance throughout the life of the tire
* Delivers even pressure across the contact area
* Protects expensive rims from potholes and curb damage
* For optimum performance in all temperatures
* For a quiet, comfortable ride
* Enhances directional stability
* For predictable handling in different driving conditions

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