Hankook Smart Touring AL22

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  • Commercial Truck/Bus.
  • All-Season (A/S)
  • All Position
  • Asymmetrical
  • Long-Haul Service
  • Steer

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Hankook Smart Touring AL22 - Shown in 2016 at the IAA in Hannover, Germany, a bus tire suitable for any axle. The South Korean manufacturer names their key characteristics like durability, high energy efficiency, which will allow vehicle fleets to reduce operating costs, and an increased level of comfort.

Hankook Smart Touring AL22 tires are designed for long-distance buses. When creating them, attention was focused on improving the quality of the course and stability in straight-line movement. Therefore, the model promises not only a high level of passenger comfort, including low noise levels but also a reduction in the burden on the driver during long journeys.

The carcass of the Hankook AL22 tires provides good cushioning, and the five-rib design of the tread with a double smooth central stiffening rib provides excellent directional stability. 3D multi-lamellas guarantee good traction and short braking distances.

The tread compound on this bus tire provides added grip in wet conditions and reduced rolling resistance, resulting in lower fuel consumption, says a Shina.Guide technician. Its carbon black molecules with a particularly stable structure contribute to a significant reduction in energy losses during movement.

Hankook AL22 Smart Touring truck tires are designed to fit on the steering axle of intercity buses. The tire can be used on any axle. The AL22 Smart Touring delivers superior wet performance, precise handling, reduced wear, and fuel efficiency. The Hankook AL22 Smart Touring tire bears the M + S abbreviation for its benefits on slush and snowy roads.

These so-called highly structured carbon molecules also guarantee improved tire abrasion resistance and increased mileage compared to conventional products.

The special arrangement of heat-reducing belt layers also contributes to longer tread life and improved fuel efficiency. Optimization of the bead zones of the Hankook AL22 Smart Touring has resulted in improved retreading of the tire.

The optimized tread with complex longitudinal grooves has quick drainage of water from the contact patch, reduces noise levels, and has effective self-cleaning. The solid center rib ensures stability, directional stability and reduces rolling resistance. Diagonal sipes improve the traction and braking performance of the tire. Due to the self-locking effect, the lamellas reduce block deformation, improving stability. The tread, molded from a new rubber compound, reduces wear and increases mileage. The service life of a tire can be extended by grooving the tread.

Tread pattern

Combination of zigzag and straight grooves

Provide excellent directional stability on highways

Central rib

High mileage and excellent handling

3D slats

Reliable directional stability and excellent braking properties

Controlled Wear System (T.W.E.S.)

Help reduce uneven and overall wear



Minimal belt movement for low heat generation


Optimized carcass structure for improved handling characteristics

Improved profile

Optimized bead profile for high reliability and strength

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