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Goodyear WinterCommand (SUV/CUV)

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  • Passenger Light Truck/SUV
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  • Winter
  • Directional
  • Studdable
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The Goodyear  WinterCommand® (SUV/CUV) is a premium directional friction tire that the manufacturer claims is the most powerful winter tire for the North American market. It is noted for its exceptional performance on ice, snow, and wet roads, as well as high ride comfort.

 WinterCommand® (SUV/CUV) winter tire tread

The model uses a V-tread Scandinavian winter tread pattern, which is very suitable for winter tires. The excellent grip is provided by 3D-BiIS sipes. They guarantee a smooth and dynamic ride regardless of weather and surface conditions.

Thanks to its optimized design and modern tread pattern, the rubber provides excellent durability for any type of surface. The tread of the model was created from a special rubber compound, which was enriched with the addition of silica. It is responsible for maintaining sufficient elasticity over a wide temperature range and allows the Goodyear Winter Command winter tire to guarantee tight contact with both dry and wet surfaces.

The tire uses a symmetrical tread pattern that is often used by commercial vehicle tire manufacturers because of its behavior in various road and weather conditions. Several wide channels increase stability when cornering and performing sudden maneuvers by 10%, and thanks to the zig-zag shape, it improves grip on dry roads by 4-8%.

Features of the model:

  •     The optimized belt design results in lower rolling resistance resulting in lower fuel consumption.
  •     The location of the tread block combined with the flexible compound provides acoustic comfort.
  •     Rolling noise is quickly and efficiently suppressed for a quiet and comfortable ride.

The engineers also took care of the optimal pressure distribution in the tire. As a result, the tread wears evenly and the model works at full strength throughout its entire life. Driving is safer and the parameters are balanced regardless of the number of kilometers traveled. Goodyear  WinterCommand® (SUV/CUV) tires meet the expectations of drivers who value grip, dynamic handling, and safe driving.

Features of the design of (SUV/CUV) rubber Winter Command Ultra

Winter Command is a rubber intended for (SUV/CUV) cars for the winter season. Like most Goodyear tires, they are premium tires that stand out for their superior quality and improved ride characteristics. The tires feature a directional V-shaped tread pattern. This design works best when draining water and slush from under the wheels, which is extremely important when driving on wet or snowy roads. The special design of Goodyear  WinterCommand® (SUV/CUV) winter tires also allows for perfect grip and stability while driving. This also applies to cornering and sudden braking. All this increases the level of driving safety. In turn, low rolling resistance and reduced vibration enhance driving comfort, helping to reduce fuel consumption.

Tire manufacturer Goodyear Winter Command is an American concern, Goodyear. The company is one of the leaders in the tire industry. When buying brand tires, you can be sure of the highest quality and excellent performance. The concern has 85 factories in 18 countries, where about 90 thousand people are employed. The company's share in the tire market is estimated at 20%.

Introduced in early 2020, Goodyear  WinterCommand® (SUV/CUV) tires are claimed to deliver best-in-class performance thanks to several patented innovations. So, the V-Tred technology through hydrodynamic grooves allows you to quickly remove water, slush, and snow from the contact patch without compromising ride comfort.

Thanks to the introduction of ActiveGrip technology, which provides exceptional handling and grip on wet or slushy roads, maximum control, and fast acceleration are guaranteed.

Tread pattern

Active tread block edges and SipeGrip technology enhance  WinterCommand® (SUV/CUV) grip on slippery surfaces.

A try adaptive rubber compound that maintains the elasticity of the tread allows drivers to control the situation on the road in extremely cold conditions.

Goodyear says the new winter tire delivers "exceptional" performance on ice and snow and claims that, in in-house tests, Goodyear  WinterCommand® (SUV/CUV) outperformed all leading brands in wet handling, wet cornering grip, aquaplaning resistance. and ride comfort.

The main advantages of the new studless winter tire Goodyear  WinterCommand® (SUV/CUV) are:

- specially developed composition of the Cryo-Adaptative compound, which improves elasticity and allows drivers to maintain control of driving in extremely cold conditions;

- V-Tred technology with "hydrodynamic" grooves for the most efficient drainage of water, slush and snow slush without compromising ride comfort;

- ActiveGrip technology for handling and traction in rain and slush;

- Active Block Cuts and Adaptive SipeGrip technologies, providing excellent grip on slippery (wet, snowy, and icy) surfaces.

“The performance of the new  WinterCommand® (SUV/CUV) tire is the result of Goodyear's commitment to renewing its winter range,” said Goodyear Senior Product Marketing Manager Ron Henegar. “Investing in new technology and focusing on the premium sedan and crossover segment with the launch of this model has enabled us to create a strong winter lineup that will help drive growth in a segment with huge potential.”

The new Goodyear WinterCommand® (SUV/CUV) clutch will replace the Goodyear Grip Ice WRT in Q3 and will initially be available in 23 sizes ranging from 15 to 18 inches. In 2021, Goodyear plans to introduce about 30 additional sizes for wheels ranging from 18 to 20 inches.

Goodyear Winter Command tires are designed for use by owners of premium crossovers and sedans.

Expert Review:

The tire behaves reliably in difficult situations on ice and snow, where it provides excellent grip. On the asphalt, the behavior is also generally good, but on a dry surface, the tire tends to drift when changing lanes abruptly. Good noise and fuel efficiency.

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