Dunlop Winter Maxx 2

The Dunlop Winter Maxx WM02 winter passenger tire was created by the Japanese company Sumitomo, whose specialists were engaged in the development of the previous generation model. The novelty, keeping in general outline the concept of its predecessor, surpasses it in all main characteristics, thanks to new materials and improved design.

Improved compound

The tire tread is made using 4D Nano Design technology. Behind the striking name is a material capable of very tightly fitting the smallest irregularities on the road surface at low temperatures. This significantly improves the grip on icy surfaces. In addition, the rubber compound contains components that slow down the aging and wear of the tread.

Shortened braking distance on ice

The tire is more efficient when decelerating on icy surfaces. In addition to the compound, this is ensured by a modified tread pattern. The number of lamellas contained in it has been increased by 17%. These miniature slots provide the contact patch with even more sharp and long edges that can easily penetrate the water film that forms when driving on ice.

Snow efficiency

Compared to the previous model, the tire tread contains a much larger number of blocks. At the same time, the distance between them remained significant. This allows the tread to work effectively on snowy surfaces, providing reliable traction with it.

Main features of Dunlop Winter Maxx WM02

- rubber compound, tightly fitting the smallest irregularities on the ice, improves grip;

- The number of sipes increased by 17% reduces the length of the braking distance on slippery surfaces;

- a large number of tread blocks improves cross-country ability and traction on snowy roads.

The WINTER MAXX 02 tires have the best performance on ice in the DUNLOP range of non-studded tires and retain these properties much longer due to the "Elastic Component" in the rubber compound. The new component has stronger bonds with the polymer and is better retained during tire operation.

New tread design

The increase in the number of sharp edges by 17% provides improved traction characteristics of the tire with the road surface.

The new design of the inter-block space creates more tread faces and groove intersections for reliable grip on snow.

Studies have shown that the "Elastic Component" is retained in the structure of the material under the influence of pressure and heat, in comparison with the "standard softener".

Braking efficiency during operation

The new softener ensures sufficient elasticity throughout the entire service life.

New material composition Mega Nano Fit Rubber

The new MEGA NANO FIT RUBBER compound provides a tighter fit and increased ice grip (+ 20% over the previous model).

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