Dunlop Sp Sport Maxx 050

Dunlop SP Sport Maxx 050 is an asymmetric summer tire for passenger cars and all-wheel drive vehicles. Combines excellent grip on wet asphalt, stable light steering, good maneuverability, and smooth running.

The Dunlop SP Sport Maxx 050 was immediately dubbed by Sumitomo as the new flagship of the summer tire range. Please note that the version of the model designed for SUVs and premium crossovers has a “postscript” for SUV in its name.

The proprietary 4D Nano Design technology, used in almost all the latest developments of the brand, has also found application in the Dunlop SP Sport Maxx 050 tires. Thanks to it, the engineers were able to achieve excellent "wet" tire performance and steering stability at high speed, as well as to increase the rigidity of the internal structure of the model, as a result of which, when making sharp maneuvers, the tread part of the tire is less deformed.

Dunlop SP Sport Maxx 050 Plus, SUV and passenger version

The asymmetrical design of this flagship tire also contributes to improved lateral stability. The contact patch of the Dunlop SP Sport Maxx 05 with the road surface retains its shape even at high speeds, which is the key to stable steering. The effective drainage system has improved the tire's aquaplaning resistance, and the silica, which is part of the tread compound, improves grip in wet conditions.

The tread design of the passenger car Sport Maxx 050

The manufacturer intends to sell its model in many countries of the world. Dunlop SP Sport Maxx 050 is made for those who cannot imagine their life without speed. And while these tires are for production city cars, they are built on the same principles as professional racing tires. For example, one of the most striking features of the model is Kevlar fibers added to the rubber compound of the sidewalls. This engineering move gives detailed control over the car, even during extreme maneuvering.

Features of the tire

  • 4D Nano Design Technology

One such solution is 4D Nano Design technology. Under the "loud" name is a tire compound, the composition of which is distinguished by a very high content of silica, as well as special elastomers. This allows the tread to adhere to the road surface as closely as possible, and also to change the elasticity depending on the ambient temperature while maintaining its optimal level.

  • Increased resistance to aquaplaning

The tread pattern of this tire contains several longitudinal drainage grooves. With the exception of one located in the shoulder area, they all have a very significant internal volume. This allows the tread to effectively channel virtually any amount of water, thereby preventing aquaplaning from occurring even at high speeds.

  • Reliable and predictable behavior in all situations

The belt located directly on the tread features a design with an increased number of layers up to three. This, in combination with the optimized tread profile shape, allows the size and configuration of the contact patch to remain unchanged regardless of the level and direction of the acceleration forces. As a result, the car's behavior becomes reliable and predictable in all situations.

The rubber compound from which the tires are made is based on a nanoparticle system. When developing its composition, solutions from motorsport were used. The result is maximum traction and short braking distances during dynamic driving. The fact that Dunlop SP Sport Maxx summer tires are designed for powerful luxury sports cars also means that they also offer 5-19% more ride comfort without driving noise. The composition is filled with a large number of silicon particles and polymer components, which significantly increases the elasticity of the wheel. But this advantage, due to the use of an optimized composition, gives the rubber greater resistance to wear and mechanical damage.

Main features of the Dunlop SP Sport Maxx 050

- Improved grip on wet roads, thanks to the 4D Nano Design rubber compound;

- reinforced breaker design;

- The original asymmetric tread provides excellent performance in all conditions.

It is worth knowing that Dunlop is a British brand that belongs to the Goodyear concern. Over the years, the company has been producing state-of-the-art tires using the experience gained on the racetrack - Dunlop tires have won a record number of titles in the legendary 24 Hours of Le Mans. The result is the highest quality rubber with the highest performance.

Tire Info

  • Original Equipment (OE)
  • Passenger Car/Minivan
  • Summer
  • Asymmetrical
  • Ultra High Performance (UHP)

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