Cooper Evolution Tour

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  • Passenger Car/Minivan
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  • All-Season (A/S)

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Evolution Tour

This all-season tire is available in different sizes and is suitable for a variety of vehicles, such as SUVs, compact cars, crossovers, minivans, and sports and midsize sedans.

This tire model offers almost everything a premium brand offers, such as excellent traction, low rolling resistance, and maximum comfort. But the difference is that it is offered at an affordable price. The manufacturer aimed to create a tire model, which will combine in itself the most important features for a driver. It allows you to experience the luxury and comfort of a premium tire, while at the same time saving your money. So if you want high-performance tires but are on a budget, this all-season tire is perfect for you.

In this article, we will closely look into all the features of this all-season touring tire, including its performance, advantages, and disadvantages, if there are any.

Tire Performance

On the Cooper Tire website, the Cooper Evolution Tour All-Season Tire is launched as an all-season touring tire, which can provide excellent driving performance at any time of year. The instructions also point out that the comfortable and smooth driving experience it provides gives you the confidence to fully trust this tire. In addition, this tire model provides fuel efficiency, which provides good fuel economy for any vehicle.

Another unique feature that this tire model offers is stable performance. This technology is generally integrated with modern Cooper tire products. It improves turning performance and tire stability while driving on dry roads. This is accomplished by minimizing the deflection of the tire from the independent tread blocks. This technique is commonly found on premium tires, which gives us another reason for highlighting this specific tire model.

Cooper Evolution Tour Specifications

The new all-season Evolution Tour tires are available in a variety of sizes, ranging from 14 to 18 inches. With these available tire sizes, it should be sufficient to meet the needs of a variety of ultra-small and compact cars, midsize cars, compact crossovers, and SUVs.


  • 3D Micro-Gauge Siping- The specially designed 3D Micro Gauge sipe allows the tread blocks to interlock to provide maximum stability to improve traction, handling, and safety, even when the tire is half worn. 3D Micro-Gauge Siping is Cooper's trademark technology for stabilizing tread elements and providing responsive control. They extend the entire depth of the tread that can be used, which also improves the appearance of wear and helps to achieve uniform tread wear throughout the life of the tire. 3D Micro-Gauge Grooves is an innovative technology that allows the elements of the tire tread to interlock and stabilize the tread. This maximizes the contact between the tread and the road surface for better grip in wet conditions and light snow, resulting in excellent handling and traction. Full-depth 3D micro-gauge groove across the entire coverage area creates the undercut needed for grip on low-friction surfaces, such as light snow.
  • Stabiledge Performance - This technology improves handling and dry traction stability. Stabiledge is a bumper strategically placed in the various grooves of the tire tread to help stabilize the elements of the tread under driving conditions, improve steering accuracy and provide a better road feel. The Stabiledge function also helps to keep the grooves in the contact area between the tire and the road unblocked, thereby providing good traction. StabilEdge technology ensures responsive and consistent steering response while providing better control throughout the speed range.
  • Touring Compound - Touring tires, also known as Grand Touring, are designed to provide a comfortable riding experience and reliable traction throughout the season, as well as adding more agile handling. They usually have a higher speed rating than all-season touring tires and usually have asymmetric tread patterns. High-performance sports cars and cars usually need to improve the handling of tires. They usually want reasonable traction under various conditions, but the focus is more on performance than comfort.
  • Lateral Grooves - The lateral grooves of the tire are cut to encompass the circumferential grooves of the tire. It can be vertical or diagonal. They are not that wide or deep, and only take up a small part of the tire's total space. The main function of the cross groove is to provide additional grip on the road when the tire is bent. Therefore, they are very suitable for accelerating and braking, especially on sidewalks, loose ground, or gravel ground.

The Verdict: is the tire worth it or not

The Cooper Evolution Tour All Season Tires are an excellent choice for a smooth and quiet car ride. It provides year-round traction and performs well on almost all surfaces and in a variety of weather conditions. If we talk about its price, if you compare it with other all-season tires, it is very affordable, especially if you take into account its superior characteristics. The manufacturer did a great job at combining real luxury features with a maximum affordable price.

If you are looking for an all-season touring tire that provides the driver with good traction, rate control, long tread life, good braking system, precise cornering, fuel efficiency, and excellent wear and tear performance, then this tire model is the one for you. Make no mistake with all-season touring tires that are not offered at an affordable price. With that said, we hope the Cooper Evolution Tour review helped you choose the car tire that best meets your needs and leaves you satisfied.

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