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Continental ContiForceContact

Continental ContiForceContact is a tire from a well-known German manufacturer, which was born in 2016. Despite this factor, it is still a popular model among the owners of powerful sports cars. The product provides reliable grip at high speeds and has a low sound effect for a more comfortable ride.

The tread pattern is of an asymmetric type, which has almost no directionality. Combined with large blocks, this helps maintain a high level of grip as well as minimizing braking distances. The presence of a wide contact patch increases acceleration characteristics, maneuverability, and directional stability while maintaining control at the same level. Also, this factor has a positive effect on the uniformity of wear.

To improve drainage, five longitudinal channels are provided at once, two of which have a zigzag shape, and the rest are straight. This arrangement creates favorable conditions for improving lateral grip.

The composition of the compound contains components based on natural resins. This achieves increased grip on wet roads at all speed conditions.

Key Features:

- focused on the use on sports cars;

- differs in the speed of hydraulic removal due to the system of channels and channels;

- increased grip due to the structure of the tread and special additives in the compound.

Continental tires aren't the first thing that comes to mind if you're thinking of replacing rubber on a high-performance sports bike, but the German tire tycoon is about to fix that. We were recently invited to try the latest offering from Continental motorcycle tires for the sports segment, the ContiForceContact. On our track in Hanover, Germany dubbed the Contidrom. I couldn't miss this event, so I jumped at the opportunity to try these tires!

Ten years ago, the company decided to reorient motorcycles, and the ContiAttack tire family was the result of that resolution. Since then, significant growth has been achieved in all key markets. Now with the ContiForceContact, Continental is coming, proving they have what it takes to be the best in the sports tire segment.

The Continental ContiForceContact summer tire is designed for motorcycles in all conditions. It perfectly combines the qualities of touring and sports tires. Therefore, this model has excellent speed characteristics and increased reliability. This was achieved thanks to new materials and innovative technologies used in the manufacture. This model is very popular with motorcycle manufacturers. It is used in the basic version of Honda and BMW motorcycles.

Optimized frame design

The new carcass is made of steel tape and reinforced cord, therefore it perfectly withstands increased loads and provides reliable protection, preventing damage and punctures. Even on long-distance trains, the tire offers increased comfort, excellent stability, and increased safety.

According to the manufacturer, the new tires offer increased grip on wet surfaces, made possible by an improved tread pattern that accelerates water drainage. The new silica compound also improved grip in rainy weather.

The Continental ContiForceContact features Grip Limit Feedback Technology, which increases safety at high lean angles, as the tires inform the driver in advance of the possibility of a critical situation. The tire design was specially developed for modern sports bikes and provides the necessary stability and handling, including due to the increased contact patch. MultiGrip technology in combination with a large contact patch and low void ratio in the center of the tread increases the service life.

During development, more than one hundred prototypes with various cages, profiles, and compounds were tested on the track in Uvalde (Texas, USA), the Contidrom proving ground, and race tracks in Germany. The goal of the developers was to achieve the optimal balance between safety on wet roads and m, maximum, stability on the racetrack.

The Continental ContiForceContact tires will be available in several sizes with 17-inch diameters, with sales expected to begin in the first quarter of 2016. All tires are handcrafted in Germany. The novelty is intended to close the gap between the touring Continental ContiRoad Attack and the racing Continental ContiRace Attack.

Main features of the Continental ContiRoad Attack

- excellent grip on any road surface made it possible to use the tire, both for travel and for high-speed driving;

- the reinforced frame reliably protects against possible damage and increases the ability to withstand increased loads;

- New components in the rubber compound have increased grip on wet road surfaces and extended tire life.

Riding on the track is very enjoyable when direction changes are quick, shifting the bike from one side to the other with a constant sense of control. The grip quality is impressive. Even with the recommended street pressure, the tire holds well and feels great on slopes. It is only when you persistently open the throttle in a lean that you get the rear-wheel slip. Even at that moment, it is predictable and easy to control. Never once did I suddenly lose grip.

After spending several hours on the road, was hit the oval end of the Contidrom to test the stability of the ContiForceContact at high speeds. In this part of those 100, I was worried and thrilled at the first glance at the incredibly steep climb. The outer edge of the concrete surface is tilted 80 degrees! We’re told that if you We’rego too fast, overloading can lead to the darkening of the eyes. For three laps I had a Triumph 675 and at the edge of the Contidrom oval, the ContiForceContact tires were rock-stable.

There's no more extreme test than the Contidrom's oval race. ContiForceContact is flawless. When I tried to hold my head, the muscles in my neck burned and my vision became worse. It was an exhilarating and exhausting race, but the ContiForceContact never failed. These tires are like rock, they are built for really scary speeds and loads.

Constant streams of water on straight sections and corners, just a little more and the track will become more a lake than a space for testing tires. The Conti's grip was as much as you'd expect from a high-performance tire for a high-performance sports bike. At a reasonable pace, the grip on the sidewall of the tire is sufficient. Open the throttle with a jerk and you will get out. Riding in heavy rain is perfectly possible, but as long as you practice common sense.

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  • Competition/Track
  • Passenger Car/Minivan
  • Summer
  • Asymmetrical
  • High Performance (HP)
  • Rib

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