Bfgoodrich Comp T/A ZR

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  • Passenger Car/Minivan
  • All-Season (A/S)
  • Directional
  • Radial
  • Rib
  • Symmetrical
  • Tubeless
  • Ultra High Performance (UHP)

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BFGoodrich COMP T/A ZR tires

In a short time, BFGoodrich expanded its line from one product available in one size to 10 models, seven of which brought multiple victories in various race classes. The company now offers off-road tires in over 200 sizes. In 2016, BFGoodrich remains the global market leader in off-road tires, and the tires of this brand are on hundreds of thousands of vehicles around the world.

“I would say the BFGoodrich COMP T/A ZR revolutionized when it was introduced in 1976,” said Rick Pewe, a journalist for the Four Wheeler Network. - The new tread pattern, white lettering on the sidewalls, and radial construction - were not like any other tire at the time. It was not for nothing that they sold so well, the ideas of the developers worked." All-season tires are renowned for their durability: indeed, they wear out rather slowly. BFGoodrich COMP T/A ZR tires are no exception. They will also serve you for several seasons without any complaints. And the sturdy construction will protect the wheels from damage on rough roads.

It is important for any driver that he has good and high-quality tires. The BFGoodrich COMP T/A ZR tire is an all-season tire made for cars with large dimensions. Thanks to the quality material from which these tires were created, it has the ability to withstand loads of up to 2000 lbs. The driver can feel confident on the road thanks to good stabilization on wet and dry surfaces, and also on a snowy road. The special design and composition of the rubber prevent deformation and prolongs the time of use. Tires do well at high speeds and brake well on wet and dry roads, as well as, thanks to their high cross country ability, they cope 100% in driving on sand, soil, and bad roads.

BFGoodrich COMP T/A ZR tires are more suitable for highway driving. The tread pattern is made of very high quality and thanks to this, tires look like in the original version, as if they are directly from the factory. Tires BFGoodrich COMP T/A ZR tires are very high quality and attractive, due to this they are in great demand.

Main advantages

  • Anti-slip technology, which provides good movement on problem areas
  • At speed, the stabilization function is activated
  • The tire does not overheat in the heat and does not crack in the cold
  • There is improved cross country ability and road holding
  • Withstands up to 2000 lbs
  • The drainage system is represented by six deep longitudinal channels and numerous transverse grooves, which quickly remove moisture from the contact patch
  • Multiple small blocks are in close contact with the road surface
  • High quality rubber compound ensures the long service life

BFGoodrich COMP T/A ZR tubeless tires can be used in any weather, both summer and winter. It is very important to monitor the weather conditions when making different maneuvers, maintain a reasonable speed and also control the process. It is recommended to buy all season tires for residents whose climate is always cold. Never forget that winter tires are still much better than all season tires, and therefore you need to be careful on snowy roads and ice. Due to the high quality material, rubber does not harden during severe frost, and at high temperatures, the rubber retains its properties.

Thanks to the channels from the tread pattern, which drain water, the efficient operation of the drainage system is ensured. Water quickly leaves the contact area, preventing aquaplaning in large puddles. Rough edges provide good grip in all directions. There is no pronounced division on tires, but still, it remains productive on any surface. Even if the BFGoodrich COMP T/A ZR is an all season tire, there is still very good handling, and due to the elasticity, there is a high level of comfort. The BFGoodrich COMP T/A ZR meets all of the steering requirements perfectly. This tire is made from a high-strength multicomponent rubber compound. The strengthening substances in the composition ensure the maintenance of elasticity and elasticity at high and low temperatures, as well as sharp fluctuations.

For all its versatility, BFGoodrich COMP T/A ZR tires are relatively inexpensive. If we consider that they do not need to be changed from season to season, then the savings become especially noticeable.

BFGoodrich COMP T/A ZR is a tubeless passenger car tire designed for use in both the summer and winter seasons. The radial design of the product guarantees a reliable grip on the road surface in all weather conditions - frost, heat, active precipitation, rolled snow, and bare ice. Provides high controllability and obeys the slightest movement of the steering wheel.

The specially formulated tread compound has improved tear and cut resistance, making the tire optimally suited for gravel riding. Improved contact patch shape helps to distribute loads more evenly to reduce wear, and optimized interconnect positioning improves stability, further increasing potential mileage. Special stone repellents provide additional protection for the frame. According to the manufacturer, the resource on asphalt has become 15% higher, and on gravel, it has doubled at once.

In addition, the side lugs have increased traction in mud, snow, and rocks, especially when using lower pressure tires. Raised shoulder ribs help the tires repel mud for increased traction on soft ground, while the sawtooth design of the shoulder blocks improves maneuverability on soft ground or in deep snow. In addition, the active 3D sipes create additional mesh edges for optimum grip on snowy surfaces.

The tread pattern is symmetrical, non directional, and includes multiple block ribs of the same width with small blocks of irregular shape. The shoulder ribs provide excellent lateral stability as well as safe maneuvering, braking, and cornering at high speeds.

They will certainly be very attractive for serious off road enthusiasts, but they are also intended for anyone who regularly drives on gravel, mud, or snow roads. Their strength, reliability, and flotation - combined with improved durability - make them the perfect choice for work, play, or just getting home. ”

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