The BARUM BF 200R model fully meets these requirements, demonstrating excellent indicators of strength, reliability, economy, and comfort.

Extends the life of the new Barum truck tires and the retread able tread of both tires. The new profile geometry for the BF 200 R steering axle and the BT 200 R drive axle also has a positive effect on the models' mileage, grip and fuel economy.

The Barum BF 200 R and Barum BT 200 R are marked "M + S" on the sidewalls, while only the BT 200 R has an additional snowflake mark (3PMSF), proving that the developers have taken into account the special needs of the tires for the leading axis.

Tire features:

  • Reinforced frame;
  • Durability, resistance to intense mechanical stress;
  • Consistent and predictable behavior on wet roads.

Affordable cost and optimization of fuel consumption make the all-season tires Barum BF 200 R highly popular among many freight carriers.

The improved rubber compound used in the production process provided the product with excellent driving characteristics, extended its service life, and endowed it with the ability to instantly respond to steering wheel movements.

The new Barum 200 R range of tires is characterized by reliability and excellent performance for daily use, and also appears to be the best choice in today's road transport industry with its tight delivery times and the need to constantly reduce operating costs. Barum 200 R: uncompromising performance at a reasonable price.

The Czech Barum, a subsidiary brand of Continental AG, has expanded the range of truck tires: in three sizes (385/55 R22.5, 385/65 R22.5, as well as 445/45 R19.5), a new model Barum BF 200 R has been released, designed for free-rolling axles.

Barum BF 200 Road tires

The novelty will complement the 200 Road truck family, which already includes the Barum BF 200 R (steering axle) and Barum BT 200 R (driving axle) tires presented in 2015. At its core, it also has a rigid carcass and reinforced bead zones made of steel cord, allowing the tread to be re-welded. Therefore, in the long term, we can talk about the economy of the fleet, which has adopted the highly efficient Barum 200 R tires.

Truck tires Barum BF 200 R for trailed axles are designed for regional and long-distance transport. They are characterized by reduced fuel consumption and high mileage, presenting an excellent economical alternative to competing counterparts.

In sizes 385/55 R22.5 and 385/65 R22.5, the BF 200 R tires can be used for both local and intercity transport. They are distinguished by long mileage and high grip on wet road conditions. According to the European tire labeling system for the safety of movement, even on a wet road, both standard sizes belong to class "B".

They are also characterized by high resistance to cuts and other mechanical damage. This is due to the improved rubber compound. Truck tires Barum BF 200 R, thanks to a strong carcass, optimized tread, and increased contact patch area, are designed for a fairly long period of operation.

The BF 200 R tires in special size 445/45 R19.5 have a reinforced structure that increases their load capacity while ensuring optimum mileage even despite their small diameter. Moreover, it helps to reduce fuel consumption, for which it is labeled "B" in the energy efficiency category in the EU.

Trailed axle tire featuring high mileage, excellent cut resistance, and excellent wet performance throughout its life.

  • High mileage
  • Excellent cut resistance
  • Excellent wet performance

It is worth knowing that Barum belongs to the German group Continental, and the tires of this brand are produced in the most modern European factories belonging to this giant. Barum BF 200 R opens a new chapter in its history. It is a new generation model designed to meet the expectations of today's drivers who want to travel not only safely, but also economically, environmentally, and comfortably.


If you are looking for reliable and cheap tires for the summer season, the Barum BF 200 R is a good deal. Continental technology is responsible for its technological solutions, so you can be sure that you are not buying a pig in a sack, but only fully refined and thoroughly tested products. The tire provides a good level of safety in difficult conditions, is economical and convenient, and its purchase will not ruin your home budget. Choosing these tires is beneficial. This is good value for little money.

Tire Info

  • Commercial Truck/Bus.
  • All-Season (A/S)
  • Radial
  • Steer

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