Yokohama R69 L5-s

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OTR Loader/Dozer L5-S Smooth Design Radial tire Ideal for Job Sites where Increased Speeds and Loads in Long-Haul Operations are Necessary.


* Optimized TMPH produced through a combination of unique compounds and an advanced radial construction
* Advanced compound
* Durable belt package and enhanced compounds
* High-angle sidewall
* High tensile strength bead cores
* Standard Limited Warranty For Off-the-Road Tires (Mining/Construction)


* Improve durability by resisting heat build-up and fighting cuts and chips
* Create extreme durability and a stable, square footprint to provide excellent cut resistance and deliver longer service life
* Increases thickness and decreases sidewall stress while providing added protection from obtrusions common to underground excavations
* Create a stronger casing and more extensive rim contact area to lower bead stress and reduce the potential for slippage

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