Sumitomo Htr A/s P01

Sumitomo Htr A/s P01

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High Performance All Season.


* Five-rib directional pattern optimally arranged
* Four wide grooves evacuate water from the center footprint
* Multiple directional grooves and sipes give more edges
* A zigzag groove wall
* In tie-bar sipes
* 65/60 series: 65,000 mile limited treadwear warranty
* 55/50/45/40 series: 40,000 mile limited treadwear warranty
* Free replacement for defects in workmanship and material through the life of the tread • Refer to the Sumitomo Tire Limited Warranty for details


* For quick and direct steering response
* To optimize grip on wet and snow-covered roads
* Improves lateral stability and traction in addition to ensuring water drainage
* Control shoulder block stiffness and water drainage

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