Roadone LTE821

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Tire Info

  • Commercial Truck/Bus.
  • Trailer
  • All-Season (A/S)
  • Long-Haul Service
  • On/Off Highway Service
  • Radial
  • SmartWay
  • Symmetrical
  • Trailer Position
  • Tubeless

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In this review, we will look at tires designed for long trailers. An interesting review will be, first of all, the fact that these tires are not only of high quality but also affordable. But you must admit that nothing attracts owners of commercial vehicles more than an affordable price. So, the Roadone LTE821 tires and everything connected with them.

Trailer tire requirements

What should be the tires for truck trailers and semi-trailers that are used for long-distance transport? There are several requirements, and first of all these are:

Long-lasting resource. Everything seems to be clear here, since the longer the tire works, the longer it will not have to be changed, and this is already a good economy.

High level of exchange rate stability. The directional stability of a vehicle is expressed in how steadily it moves in a straight line. It is clear that this quality depends on many factors, but tires also affect not the least. Good tires are those that prevent the trailer from slipping away from the originally chosen trajectory.

High level of grip. The trailer not only travels on the highway but also, on occasion, is responsible for braking, for example, when a tractor with a trailer slides down an incline. To do this, the tires must create sufficient friction with the road when they stop.

Minimum rolling resistance. The fewer tires prevent the wheels from rolling, the greater the speed the vehicle will develop. Again, lower rolling resistance saves fuel, which is important.

Roadone LTE821 buses fully comply with all these requirements and therefore we recommend them for purchase.

Main characteristics

  • Model: LTE821
  • Brand: Roadone
  • Manufacturer: Shandong Roadone Tire Co., Ltd
  • Country: China
  • Price segment: budget
  • Tire type: for a wide range of trailed vehicles with both fixed and swivel wheels
  • Purpose: for main cargo transportation
  • Features of operation: asphalt or concrete road surfaces
  • Seasonality: all-season / all-weather
  • Sealing method: tubeless
  • Tread type: symmetrical non-directional
  • Design features: radial tires, reinforced with metal belts
  • Tread height: 12/32
  • Maximum long-term speed: 110 mph
  • Maximum wheel load: 6200lb
  • Maximum load for twin wheels (1 wheel): 6000lb

Design features

Structurally, the LTE821 is not much different from most of the truck tires that are currently manufactured by Roadone Tire. It's the same robust design, enhanced by the use of modern technology.

The tire is based on a time-tested radial carcass. The advantage of the solution is cost reduction and high tensile strength. To make the tires as balanced as possible and at the same time avoid overloading, Roadone Tire engineers use a combination of metal and polymer belts in the carcass. The tires are stronger and lighter than conventional trailed tires.

As in all truck tires manufactured by Roadone Tire, here, in addition to the carcass, longitudinal metal belts are used. The metal reinforcement of the tire also makes it more balanced, stronger, and more durable. However, we will tell you about durability separately. Speaking of design features, we note that the tires are tubeless, and therefore they use reinforced bead rings, which even more firmly and even more reliably press the tire against the disc, preventing it from depressurizing.

The tread of the Roadone LTE821 largely repeats the tread pattern of the steering tires, and this is understandable since it is necessary to ensure directional stability. And this stability is precisely provided by four longitudinal deep channels. But, as mentioned earlier, the trailer is also responsible for breaking the entire road train. Therefore, in addition to deep longitudinal channels, there are transverse grooves in the tread design, which serve to enhance traction with the road surface during braking.

Roadone LTE821 Advantages

Price. Roadone LTE821 is perhaps the most affordable quality trailer rubber. We repeat that the tires are of high quality since there are probably cheaper tires, but it will be an unnamed product, the purchase of which is a lottery. Attention: The cheapness of Roadone tires is a fickle phenomenon and it is likely that when this brand becomes popular in the West, the price of such tires will go up.

Durability. All of us, to one degree or another, are interested in the tires we have bought to be used as long as possible without requiring replacement. And I must say that most of the technologies used in the design of the Roadone LTE821, one way or another, are focused on providing e the durability of the tire. Everything from a strong carcass reinforced with metal belts and ending with a special thermosetting compound, from which the tread is molded, is designed for continuous use of the tire, no matter how intense the load. After all, it's not in vain that the manufacturer gives these tires a 30,000-mile guarantee!

Reliability. The term "reliability", when applied to freight transport, means the safety of road users and the safety of cargo. Imagine what a sudden rupture and depressurization of a tire can result in. To prevent this from happening, Roadone Tire has implemented quality control at every production stage. Moreover, the bulk of production work is automated.

As a result, it is almost impossible to buy Roadone LTE821 tires with a factory defect, which can lead to depressurization of the tire. Therefore, Roadone LTE821 can be safely called not only durable but also reliable tires.

Acceptable driving performance regardless of weather conditions. Despite the mild tread, the Roadone LTE821 provides good braking performance on both dry and wet surfaces. Again, directional stability remains acceptable not only in warm but also in cold seasons, for example, when the trailer rolls on snow and even on ice. Due to the large deep longitudinal channels, the tire travels in a straight line like on rails and the trailer does not drift to the side, as is often the case with similar budget tires.

Like most Roadone Tire tires, the LTE821 is aquaplaning resistant. This advantage is achieved by longitudinally extending channels which, among other things, drain water away from the tire-road contact patch.

Fuel economy. Due to the good balance, the Roadone LTE821 tires create less rolling resistance. As a result, the trailer slows down the speed of the tractor to a lesser extent. Therefore, by installing these tires on the wheels of trailers or semi-trailers, you can reduce the fuel consumption of your truck by an average of 10-15%. It may seem to some that this is not the greatest savings. But in reality, when you take into account the amount of fuel consumed by the truck, such savings are very beneficial.

Who do we recommend Roadone LTE821?

First of all, we want to recommend these tires to practical car owners who are interested in the high quality of the purchased products but are not ready to overpay for a well-known brand. In addition, we recommend buying these tires for those haulers who have been looking for good tires for a long time and would like to try something new. Perhaps this is just the kind of rubber that you have wanted to buy for a long time, but had no idea that it was on sale and, at the same time, it was relatively inexpensive.


The Roadone LTE821 is a quality and inexpensive trailed tire that, in terms of design and handling, is no worse or better than other tires manufactured by Roadone Tire. We recommend buying it!

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