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  • Commercial Truck/Bus.
  • All-Season (A/S)
  • All Position
  • Highway Service
  • Mixed Service
  • Radial
  • Rib
  • SmartWay
  • Symmetrical

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In this review, tires will make your truck go faster with less fuel. Ask, is it possible? The answer is - perhaps if these are Roadone LFE823 tires. These tires are specially designed for long-haul transportation. When developing this model, the manufacturer paid maximum attention to such qualities as reducing rolling resistance and directional stability on various surfaces. In addition, the manufacturer has done everything possible to ensure that these tires are as durable as possible.

So, the tires are worthy of your attention, and therefore about everything in more detail.

About Roadone Tire tires in general

Roadone Tire is the largest Chinese manufacturer that has been making car tires since 1975! The company's products are now exported to more than 50 countries around the world. However, until now, the Roadone Tire brand has had little popularity in the west.

Over the past 5 years, the company has made a responsible decision to attract Western buyers by expanding the range, improving product quality, and reducing prices. As a result, today the range of products of this manufacturer includes models for all categories of vehicles, from compact cars to mining dump trucks.

To improve the level of quality, Roadone Tire has achieved maximum automation of production processes in its factories. Moreover, the company's factories practice the strictest quality control of the tires produced. Therefore, when buying Roadone Tire tires, do not expect to find a factory defect. So, you know about the manufacturer and production. Now let's move on to the LFE823 model.

Performance characteristics

Model name: LFE823

Purpose: commercial transport

Features of operation: main cargo transportation

Seasonality: all-season, all-weather

Positioning: all axes

Maximum speed: 95 mph

Tread height: 18/32 mm

Construction: radial frame, reinforced with metal belts

  • Sealing method: tubeless tires.

LFE823 advantages and disadvantages

By tradition, let's start with the advantages, especially since there are a lot of them:

  • High resistance to wear. Roadone LFE823 tires can be operated for a long time at high speeds without the threat of premature failure. On the one hand, this is due to the design features of the tire, and on the other hand, the used production materials.
  • Durability. Due to their high resistance to wear, these tires will last one and a half times longer than other all-season tires made in China. Roadone Tire guarantees most of its truck tires for up to 5 years from the date of purchase, or up to 65,000. mileage.
  • High level of exchange rate stability. Due to the peculiarities of the tread pattern, Roadone LFE823 tires perfectly keep the trajectory when driving in a straight line and when cornering. This is an important advantage of long-haul transportation since the work of the driver is greatly simplified.
  • All-season use. Due to the specially selected tread compound, the tire demonstrates an excellent grip on dry and wet road surfaces. The tires exhibit optimal grip and excellent handling over a temperature range of 77 to 23 F.
  • Self-cleaning protector. It is no secret that small stones are hammered into the tread of truck tires during operation. Stones, getting stuck in the tread, begin to destroy it gradually. This process is dangerous for tubeless tires. Therefore, Roadone engineers designed the LFE823 tires to provide a self-cleaning function. Stones fly out of the tread grooves without having time to harm it.
  • Fuel economy. Perhaps this is the most important advantage since the use of Roadone LFE823 tires can reduce fuel consumption by an average of 10-15%. Savings are achieved due to the excellent balance of the tire and the absence of rolling resistance.
  • Affordable price. Roadone LFE823 costs less than most branded tires with similar characteristics.

There are many advantages, it remains to consider the disadvantages. And there are no shortcomings. And what are the disadvantages of tires, which in their characteristics surpass the majority of branded tires presented in the mid-price segment?

Tire design, technology, and features

Like most Roadone Tire truck tires, the LFE823 is built around a radial casing. This is a time-tested technology that provides high strength, which, is required for long-distance cargo transportation. In the radial carcass, the fibers are woven more densely than in the bias carcass, and therefore these tires are distinguished by a greater mass. However, this is offset by additional durability.

The radial carcass provides not only the strength of the tire but also allows it to maintain its shape, regardless of the load. So so This design feature is an ideal solution for long-haul tractors, and even for trailers and semi-trailers.

The carcass itself is strong enough, but despite this, the tires received additional reinforcement with longitudinal metal belts. This reinforcement, in addition to imparting additional strength, ensures that the tire is evenly pressed against the road surface. In turn, uniform contact with the road reduces tread wear and improves handling on both dry and wet surfaces.

Like most of Roadone Tire's truck tires, this model is built with a wide range of advanced technologies. For example, these tires use thermosetting rubber when molding the tread. It is a rubber compound that retains similar properties in summer, winter, and off-season. The use of such a compound makes these tires truly all-season.

However, most of the technologies were used in the formation of the tread pattern. Longitudinal grooves of variable depth provide stable directional stability in any weather. These same circumferential grooves provide effective water drainage from the tire-to-road contact patch. This eliminates the likelihood of aquaplaning, which allows you to maintain control even in heavy rain when there are puddles on the roads.

As already mentioned, these tires have virtually no obstruction to rolling. This advantage is largely due to the balanced design. Many drivers find that when these tires are fitted to old rims, weights do not have to be fitted to balance the wheel. The balance of the tire is achieved thanks to the longitudinal metal belts. Essentially, these belts act as a pendulum that balances the tire as it rotates.

About customer reviews

Roadone LFE823 tires are bought by large companies engaged in freight transportation. And if not so long ago the main consumers of such rubber were companies located in Southeast Asia, today these tires are readily purchased in many countries around the world. This is evidenced by the numerous reviews that you can easily find on the Internet. In their reviews, buyers of these tires, first of all, pay attention to features such as excellent handling and smooth running.

Often they also write about the excellent behavior of the tires on dry and wet roads. And once again we draw your attention to the fact that these tires are used with equal success for installation on steering wheels and installation on a driving axle. And of course, all buyers point out the affordable price of these tires in comparison to other all-season tires.

Let's summarize

Roadone LFE823 tires are an excellent choice for most practical buyers who are interested in high-quality tires and, at the same time, do not intend to overpay for a well-known brand. You need to understand that Roadone

The tire is today one of the world's largest car tire manufacturers. Therefore, it is this company that can invest in new technologies, in quality production materials, and, as a result, in high-quality tires that you can buy today.

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