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It's no secret that when buying tires for trucks, special attention is paid to the choice of steering rubber. This is not surprising, since it is the steering tires that determine how the vehicle is driven. And in this review, we will tell you about the steering rubber. However, there are more than enough such tires on the market, and therefore we will tell you about the most affordable option - the Roadone F820.

That depends on the steering wheel

As already mentioned, there are quite a few steering wheel tires on the market. However, the choice and purchase should be taken with the utmost responsibility.

The quality and running characteristics of the purchased rubber will determine how the truck will drive, how it will be driven. And, importantly, the choice of tires often determines how much fuel will be consumed during the trip. In addition, these tires are fitted to the steering axle of the truck. Therefore, they must quickly respond to steering movements. At the moment of turning the steering wheel, the rubber experiences an increased torsion load along the vertical axis. This creates additional requirements for tire strength.

And it is with all of the above that we want to recommend you the Roadone F820. These tires are not only inexpensive but also well made with advanced technology. And therefore, they can radically improve the driving performance of a truck.

Briefly about the manufacturer and pricing

While the Roadone name doesn't mean anything to most Western buyers, it is the largest car tire manufacturer in China. Until 17, Shandong Roadone Tire Co., Ltd produced tires for the Asian market, but then expanded westward.

It is clear that to win over the Western consumer, a tire manufacturer needs to offer something special and very attractive. To popularize tires in Europe and America, Roadone Tire took an unprecedented step - setting a price so low that some of the brand's tire categories are still among the most affordable on the market. In parallel with this, the quality of the finished product is no lower than the quality level of tires from other more popular brands presented in the middle and even premium price segment.


Model: F820

Brand: Roadone

Manufacturer: Shandong Roadone Tire Co., Ltd

Country: China

Tire type: steering

Purpose: commercial transport, regional and mainline cargo transportation

Price segment: budget

Seasonality: all-season and all-weather

Tread type: symmetrically non-directional

Design features: radial tires

Maximum long-term speed: 110 mph

Compatibility: Roadone D960

Application features

The Roadone F820 is the preferred steering tire for regional and long-haul tractors and medium-duty trucks. These tires are designed to provide optimum handling on asphalt or concrete road surfaces. Short-term operation of such rubber on open ground is allowed, for example, on country dirt roads and gravel embankments. But be prepared for the fact that these tires will not provide optimal handling outside dense coverage.

For optimum ride performance, it is recommended to use these tires in conjunction with drive tires from the same manufacturer. The optimal ratio is the installation of Roadone F820 on the steering wheels and Roadone D960 on the driving wheels.

All-weather application

These tires do not provide maximum grip on the road surface, which, however, is due to the specifics of their use. Recall that Roadone F820 is a steering tire, and therefore, first of all, they provide directional stability and cornering efficiency. These tires are equally good at setting the direction of travel in summer and winter, and, which is important in the off-season, when the road surface is wet.

Directional stability and predictability of control are ensured by an effective tread pattern. Four deep and wide longitudinal channels - this is the main reason that the car in these tires runs stably in a straight line, and enters corners as if on rails. By the way, these same deep channels drain water from the contact patch of the tire with the road. This prevents the effect of aquaplaning, which makes driving more predictable and safer.

In winter, the Roadone F820 tread makes deep grooves even on packed snow, which eliminates the possibility of an uncontrollable drift.

Economical use

Truck tires should be practical, as trucks are usually commercial vehicles.

As previously stated, the Roadone F820 is an inexpensive tire, but its practicality doesn't end there. Due to their perfect balance, these tires do not create rolling resistance. As a result, fuel consumption when driving on the highway is insignificant, but decreases. Average savings reaches 5% of the consumption data on conventional tires. And even if this figure may seem insignificant, if you calculate the savings on the daily distance traveled, the savings turn out to be significant.

Driving comfort

As previously mentioned, Roadone F820 is a steering tire that is used in regional and long-haul transportation. Considering the duration of such cargo transportation, it is important to ensure driving comfort on the road, to a large extent, driving comfort is provided by the steering wheels.

For example, Roadone F820 provides directional stability, and therefore the driver does not have to constantly steer when driving in a straight line. This is an obvious advantage when you drive along the expressway for several hours in a row.

Another important point is that the Roadone F820 wheels are well balanced, and therefore practically do not vibrate or make noise. It is clear that about freight transport, a lower noise level is not as important as in passenger cars, but, one way or another, with these tires the ride is more comfortable.

Durability of operation

It's no secret that the more durable your truck tires are, the better. Unfortunately, not all tires, let alone all-season tires, can boast of long service life. However, the Roadone F820 has everything in order with its lifespan. No wonder the manufacturer's warranty ranges from 30 to 50 thousand miles of the run!

The durability of these tires is primarily ensured by the compound used to manufacture the tread. This tread does not crack in winter or melt in summer, which means the tire lasts twice as long as most budget steering wheels. In addition, the design of these tires uses Roadone Tire's proprietary technology - longitudinal metal belts, which ensure uniform pressure of the tread to the road. As a result, the tread wears evenly and therefore lasts longer.


The Roadone F820, like most of the modern products from this manufacturer, is tubeless tires. Considering the considerable loads that these tires bear during operation, the manufacturer took care of their tightness. Therefore, more rigid bead rings are installed along the inner diameter of the tires. It is these rings that ensure the optimal pressure of the tire against the rim.

Also, to reduce the likelihood of depressurization, the inner surface of the tire is covered with an elastic layer of high-density latex. Finally, the likelihood of leakage is low due to the radial carcass, which significantly reinforces the tire, protecting it from bursts, even after prolonged use.

Let's summarize

Leao F820Roadone F820 is a well-made, inexpensive, and most importantly efficient tire. Of course, these tires are a great choice for most trucking companies looking to keep their freight costs down. We recommend purchasing!

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