Maxxis R19 Victra

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  • Competition/Track
  • Asymmetrical
  • High Performance (HP)

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The Maxxis R19 Victra summer passenger tire is distinguished by a very specific field of application. This model is intended exclusively for use on gravel race tracks and is intended primarily for recreational athletes. It owes its existence to the popularity of open national championships in many countries of the world, primarily in the United States.

Two rubber compounds

One of the key features of the Maxxis R19 Victra is the availability of two versions, differing from each other exclusively in the elasticity of the rubber compound. At the same time, the manufacturer allows the use of tires with a soft or hard compound on different axles and sides, which allows you to choose a set that best suits the various features of the track.

Unique asymmetric tread pattern Maxxis R19 Victra

High efficiency on gravel types of surfaces is largely due to the design features of the asymmetric tread pattern. It is divided into several functional areas, each of which is assigned to the solution of a strictly defined range of tasks.

Its inner side contains many small rectangular blocks located at right angles to the direction of travel. This gives the Maxxis R19 Victra maximum longitudinal traction. The exception is rectangular blocks of the shoulder areas, located longitudinally. These tread elements improve cornering stability and provide a faster, more precise steering response.

The outer side of the tread also contains many small blocks. However, they are located at a significant angle relative to the direction of travel. On the one hand, this design improves traction when cornering, and on the other, it increases directional stability. As with the inner side of the tread, the exception is the shoulder blocks. Their longitudinal position in combination with the trapezoidal shape gives the tire stable and predictable handling when maneuvering and cornering.

Reinforced frame structure

The excellent reliability of this model is ensured largely due to the reinforced frame structure. An additional belt layer is located under the tread, which has increased mechanical strength and resistance to any external aggressive influences.

The tires are manufactured using the latest technologies, using an improved rubber compound, and have a modern tread pattern. Manufactured using electronic quality control of the finished product production. Provide optimal vehicle behavior on the road.

The symmetrical exclusive tread design has been modeled for all the best wet and dry performance. Outside power is perfectly complemented by a wear-resistant rubber compound that stabilizes the movement of the tire. In many ways, it is she and the well-planned blocks of the working outer surface that are responsible for confident feedback, accelerate braking reactions and reduce acoustic resonance to sounds pleasant to the ear.

The sidewall is made of harder rubber, which has a positive effect on cornering. The wide, low-profile design of the Maxxis allows for tight contact with the road surface, increased longitudinal and lateral grip, and guarantees absolute safety at high speeds.

The tire meets all international quality standards, so you can always be sure of its reliability.

Key Features

  • The tire is designed for use on gravel racing tracks;
  • two versions - with a hard and soft compound;
  • highly efficient asymmetric tread design with several functional zones gives the tire excellent grip and handling in all conditions;
  • maximum traction and adhesion properties due to many small blocks located in different directions;
  • an additional belt layer gives the tire excellent reliability, providing increased resistance to any aggressive external influences.
  • Effective control at maximum speed, which guarantees a rib with a rigid center,
  • Excellent grip due to V-grooves,
  • Minimal risk of aquaplaning, four grooves have taken care of this,
  • The low noise levels would not be possible without unique five-level blocks and optimal tread patterns.

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