Leao Lion Sport 4x4 HP3

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  • Passenger Light Truck/Pick-up
  • Passenger Light Truck/SUV
  • Passenger SUV/CUV
  • All-Season (A/S)
  • Asymmetrical
  • High Performance (HP)
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Lion Sport 4X4 HP3

Lion Sport 4X4 HP3 tires are the optimal choice for crossovers, SUVs, light trucks, and a variety of all-wheel drive vehicles. All-season tires - designed for everyday use in various weather conditions. An important characteristic of these tires is their affordable cost.

Let's take a closer look at the features and benefits of the Lion Sport 4X4 HP3 and decide if it's worth buying.

Key Features

  • All-season protector. The tread design is designed in such a way as to maximize the efficiency of removing snow and slush from the contact patch of the tires with the road surface. What's more, the tread design is designed to provide maximum traction at different ambient temperatures.
  • Minimum rolling resistance. The tire is well balanced to minimize the imbalance found in many budget tires. As a result, tires wear out less and fuel consumption is reduced, which is equal to that of regular summer tires. Again, the tires are balanced, so you don't have to spend money and time balancing the wheels.
  • Durability. The manufacturer gives a guarantee for 45-50 thousand miles of the run. This suggests that the tires are reliable and will last no less than the specified period. Now compare the 50k mileage with the price of those tires and your nearest dealer, and you will surely notice that this is a very good deal.
  • Versatile design. Leao, the manufacturer of the Lion Sport 4X4 HP3, has developed a versatile tire with market needs in mind. These tires will look equally good on classic cars and modern crossovers as long as they match.
  • Affordable price. Lion Sport 4X4 HP3 is an inexpensive tire with the characteristics of more expensive tires. Even though these tires may cost differently from different dealers, the price, one way or another, will be attractive.

Seasons of operation

Everyone has known for a long time that all-season tires are not the best choice, since in summer they soften and wear out beyond measure, and in winter they tan and do not provide the necessary friction at all. But it looks like the Lion Sport 4X4 HP3 is a slightly different case.

According to customer reviews, these tires demonstrate excellent handling characteristics in temperatures from 77 to 23 F. This is exactly the limit when the tires provide normal handling and wear within the normal range. As the temperature rises, the tires will wear more intensively, and as the temperature decreases, the grip will gradually weaken.

Thus, the Lion Sport 4X4 HP3 is truly an all-season tire but designed for use in temperate regions, where the summers are not too hot and the winters are not too cold. On dry and wet roads, these tires ride and handle equally well. Rather, on a wet road, handling improves as tread wear increases. Yes, that's right, the slightly worn tread of these tires behaves much better on the wet road than the new tread.

Now about the harsh winters. If the snow is loose, the tires ride well, drive well and even brake well. If the snow is rolled or ice, the tires do not provide sufficient traction. In case of driving on ice, we recommend that you additionally buy snow chains or have a set of winter studded tires in stock.

Driving performance

All tires in the Lion Sport range are characterized by high performance, excellent acceleration dynamics, and short braking distances. And the Lion Sport 4X4 HP3 tires are no exception. This model is designed for use on dense, even road surfaces such as asphalt, concrete, and possibly gravel. The tires are not designed for off-road use, however, they ride on country dirt roads, while providing passable handling and driving comfort.

The main element of these tires is city traffic. Tires behave well in sluggish traffic jams, when you often have to get underway, and then slow down sharply. The efficient tread pattern, combined with the equally efficient tire construction, allows you to start from a standstill without slipping, even on wet roads. This is an important advantage from the point of view of the operation of modern powerful cars.

Acceleration efficiency is complemented by short braking distances, so you can control the power of your vehicle on public roads. As the tread wears down, the braking distance increases, while the acceleration remains the same dynamic. Thanks to the deep longitudinal ruts of the tread, the tires provide directional stability and perfectly take turns on both dry and wet road surfaces.

As the name suggests, the Lion Sport 4X4 HP3 is a tire primarily designed for 4x4 vehicles. That is, these tires combine the qualities of driving and steering tires. Again, these tires, as opposed to t of other all-season models, are designed for higher mechanical loads.

Driving comfort and driving comfort

As stated, the Lion Sport 4X4 HP3 is a well-balanced tire. This advantage, combined with the low tread height, results in much less noise from the wheels in motion than you might expect from budget Chinese tires. Moreover, there will be less noise in the cabin and the comfort of movement depends on this, especially if you have a long trip.

These tires hold the road well, which is explained by the weak tread and uniform adhesion of the central rib over the entire area of ​​contact with the road surface. That is, on the road you do not have to constantly steer as it happens if the wheels have bad and cheap tires. In other words, buying a Lion Sport 4X4 HP3 will allow you to relax on the road and not overexert yourself.

Construction, technologies, and production materials

Let's take a look at what makes the Lion Sport 4X4 HP3 a good all-season tire. We believe that the all-season use and handling characteristics of these tires are primarily due to the correct selection of ingredients for the rubber compound. Also, the design of the tire affects the driving characteristics, namely the tread design and the type of carcass.

The rubber composition is designed for high wear resistance and good grip with the road surface. For these purposes, in addition to the rubber base, the base composition includes silicon dioxide, resins, and polymer inclusions. The special proportions of the ingredients in the composition allow the rubber to remain elastic in the cold season and not melt on hot asphalt. And, of course, the technological composition of these tires contribute to friction and, therefore, traction, regardless of the weather.

The Lion Sport 4X4 HP3 is a radial tire, meaning that the cords run along the entire center rib. The advantage of such a carcass is that the tire structure itself is a balancer, which significantly reduces the tension of the cords. Again, this type of carcass increases the strength of car tires, increasing their reliability and, consequently, the safety of use. The radial frame, by itself, is reliably protected from mechanical damage, and in addition, it assumes a lower likelihood of cracks in the tread.


Lion Sport 4X4 HP3 is a reliable, inexpensive, and practical tire that we recommend purchasing.

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